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North Market Hat Trick

Did you see the previous post about the awesomeness that is the North Market Apron Gala? If not, click that back there.

We are so excited to tell you guys what’s been going on behind the scenes in Ye Olde Sweatshop since then! Our aprons are going to be sold at the Wasserstrom store at the North Market called “The Source.” They have been great to work with and our aprons should be available there next week. I instantly loved Rodney when I met him and his team at The Source are some of the best people Heather and I have worked with. Direct, friendly, they know what they want and are very supportive. I want them to go steady!

Roxane, the fantastic manager of The Source introduced us to Dareen of Better Earth, another North Market store. (Thank you Roxane!)  Dareen is so dang sweet. My favorite quality is enthusiasm. Dareen is rocking with enthusiasm. She is now carrying our line of coasters made with Eco-fi. Eco-fi is made of shredded soda bottles and feels like felt.


At Comfest, we met Ann Leonard. Ann owns Touch of Earth, the coffee shop in the North Market. Do you know how lucky we are to have met her? Very. She is fantastic of course and is now carrying our line of coffee sleeves made with Eco-fi.


Thank you so much Dave Wible and Mary Martineau. You guys let us be a part of the Apron Gala and look what happened! 



Our first pic in a national magazine!

Look, Mom! August 2011 Better Homes and Gardens

We were so thrilled to have one of our products be part of this photo shoot with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams!  When Jeni called, I squealed.  Literally.  Not one of my proudest moments, but there it is.

That’s our Ice Cream Cozy in Better Homes and Gardens August 2011 issue! We are grateful to Jeni and everyone at Jeni’s for being kind enough to include us.

Jeni’s contacted us last year about making a sleeve for their pint ice-cream containers.  They wanted to include our ice cream sleeves with their Father’s Day ice-cream packages as a gift for their customers.  Everyone likes eating right out of the pint, so we thought it was a great idea!  The sleeves pictured use different fabric but all are lined with fleece so it’s a way to keep your ice-cream cold and your hands warm.  Cute, huh?

(Unfortunately, we weren’t listed in “Where to buy.”  Hopefully, within a couple months you’ll find us listed in the most-read section called “Corrections.” Until then,  you know how to reach us! )


I’m going to spare you the “sorry i’ve been away so long” part of this.  It’s not like you don’t have stuff to read, right? (Besides, my kid was sick.  She’s just now well enough to be super crabby.  Awesome!)

Me modelling the winning belts for the Crafty Showcase Showdown created by the superb @flamestitch

Midwest Craft Caucus was a complete blast!  There were a ton of crafty Who’s Whos there.  Loads to learn and folks to meet.  I didn’t take any pics because I was making coffee, learning about taking pictures, learning about Pinterest, and shmoozing with the Creme de la Craft.   Seriously, look at the website and see who was there.  You’ll be jealous.  Oh yeah, I did get to emcee the Crafty Showcase Showdown.

The Crafty Showcase Showdown is an event in which people compete on teams of two with crafty challenges.  This like “Get supplies from this pile of crap and make a vest!”  It’s really fun and while they are crafting, I harass them.  I try to find their weak spot and exploit it.  Kidding!  These are usually professional crafters and they know I’m full of it.  Really, I’ve competed many times and lost almost every time.  It’s just about having fun.  I like the idea of crafting being translated into other languages.  Like, now it’s a full-on sport!  I want my kids to letter in Crafting!  That would be something for their college resumes!

Did you also notice that I said “professional crafters”?  That’s right.  It can be a profession.  I just find that very exciting.

And that pic up there  (it’s a good thing i don’t get embarrassed, right? ) was taken by Esther of Torn Angel.  See?  Another reason to love Columbus.  Check out what Esther had to say about the Craft Caucus here…

Up next...ComFest!

Make this Bunny Centerpiece!

Happy bunny centerpiece

My daughter always wants to make decorations for whatever holiday it may be.  I like to decorate for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthdays.  You know, the biggies.  This youngest of mine is like a tiny, tenacious Martha Stewart.  She’s always on me to decorate and rearrange.  Usually,  I relent.  See “tenacious” above.

So this weekend she said she wanted to decorate for Easter.  I suggested a banner.  Banners are my go-to for instant decorating projects. She’s done with banners.  The magic is gone.  She said she wanted a centerpiece.  (That’s another thing she likes.  She likes the table to be set with the food all set down the middle in a row rather than serving from the stove.  I’m a mom to three.  That’s a pain in the ass.)

When we make a decoration, we always use what we have on hand.  If you are crafty in any way, you’ll have some of these things on hand too!  If not, improvise.  Don’t go running to the store or your kid will think that’s normal.  Then your kid will tell my kid and I can’t have that nonsense.

Also, I didn’t consider this would make a good blog post until about halfway, so the pictures at the beginning are sparse.


Scrap of polar fleece, t- shirt or felt  (we had some left from a scarf project)

Thread or a sewing machine

Stuffing (fluff, whatever you may have.  Cut up old socks!  It’s also fun to pick a stuffed animal everyone hates but has kept out of obligation and tear the stuffing out of it!)


3 plastic cups


You can trace this bunny

We first made the bunnies.  Fold your fleece.  The fold is the bottom of your bunny.  If you want to trace this bunny, just put a piece of paper up to your computer and trace it with a pencil.  Or draw your own.  We aren’t looking for perfection.  It’s about hanging out with your kid.  They don’t care if your bunny’s ears are crooked.

Start sewing on one side, go up around the ears and down the other side.  The nice thing about polar fleece (felt, t-shirt)  is that you don’t have to worry about fraying, so that means you don’t have to worry about turning it inside out.  Leave a hole for your stuffing.

Stuff it!  This is a fun job for the kid.  Use a paintbrush end or pencil to get the stuffing into the ears. My grandma taught me this.  Sew it closed.  This is also a good time to teach basic sewing because it’s a simple stitch around the edge.  Just in and out.  It’s also a great time to show your kid how to hold the thread so it doesn’t slip out of the needle.  An important skill.  My youngest is 6 and finally gets it.

Cut the top off of some plastic cups.  We used three cups leftover from a hotel.  That’s another thing kids love, cups, paper, and pens from hotels.

Gather some leaves.  We picked some up from around our bushes.  Spread glue around the outside of your cups and glue on the leaves.  Overlap your leaves so no cup shows through.  If you don’t have leaves, cut some out of green paper.  If you don’t have green paper, use white paper and color it or go through magazines and cut from the pages with green on them.  DO NOT GO TO THE STORE!

Put your bunny in your cup!

We then put our bunnies in a pie pan and cut some pieces off the bushes and put those in there too.  Then my daughter had some tiny pinch pots she made out of play dough and wanted those in there too.  I’m sure by the end of the week, this pan will be filled with all kinds of stuff.  More is more, right?

It's a bunny party!

We think it’s cute and it was fun and I hope you think it’s fun too!

Want a look inside the AmyD sweatshop?

Johnny DiLoretto will be here tomorrow for our local Fox station, Ch.28.  It’s the first time we’ve filmed in here.  We’ll be showing you our new housewares line.  Here’s something from the new collection, a fancy bag for your hooch!

If you get up at the crack of dawn, 7 am,  watch it and let me know if I have something in my teeth or my nose.  Otherwise, DVR it and laugh later.

Heather and Kara will be here with me to give you a look around the bigger digs.  It’s hard to believe all of our stuff fit in the other sweatshop!

Happy New Year!

We set the clocks ahead and the kids thought it was midnight when it was 10pm.   We watched the ball drop via a video from YouTube!  You’re welcome.

2011 is going to be balls-out spectacular!  We moved the sweatshop to a bigger location to house a bigger sweatshop!  Hooray!  The new intern, Brett, appreciates this.  Listening to us talk garbage in a small room was too much for his “sweet little fellow” ways.  We don’t hold back.

Did you happen to see the results of the baby-making between AmyD and Alison Rose? You can pick one up at Wholly Craft, on our site, or over at Alison Rose

The Ohio Mix-tape Coffee Sleeve

Thank you all so much for the support over this holiday season.  You are greatly appreciated!  You will see how in February.  It’s our anniversary.  Finally, a reason for you to love February.

Do you make resolutions?  I am going to do it this year!  One that I can let you in on is to post tutorials here on the blog.  Send me any requests you might have.  It will be fun!

And for your viewing pleasure, the Ohio flag Beer Pocket Apron.  I love it!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but can’t let the opportunity pass for you to see Wholly Craft’s new website!  Even if you aren’t in Columbus, Ohio, you can shop at Wholly Craft!  Who’s lucky now?



Oh I just love capes!

Did you see the new capes?

Pic by Aaron/ Tsururadio!


I just think it’s so fun to wear a cape.  Heather and I had so much fun shooting these pics too…..

The best pics, in my opinion, are these below.  This is the kind of thing I really hope you do in these capes!  Way more fun!

Do the Robot!

Make fun of your co-workers!

Humor your kids with a fake laugh as they climb on the jungle gym! (they were actually realy good about the shoot!)

There you go!  enjoy!

If you want to see more, head over to our site here

Locals can also go to Wholly Craft!