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Thank you, North Market! (and a sidebar)

Oh North Market Apron Gala, how I love you! We had tons and tons of fun Saturday night! The North Market Apron Gala is an event that benefits the North Market Development Authority. Those are the folks that run the North Market. It’s a historical place! The event consists of walking around the North Market and eating and drinking until you can’t do it anymore.

Heather, Mary Martineau and me. You really should have seen her shoes. The whole outfit was awesome!

How we got involved in all this, was Mary Martineau. She’s the marketing director for the North Market. If you ever work on a project with Mary, you better have your shit together is all I’m saying. We made the aprons for the host committee and then created custom aprons for the sponsors. I knew we had to really put our best into these, since Mary was our connection for the event. She just really does a great job and has it all together so you don’t want to be the messed-up cog in the machine,  you know?

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard there was a ton of food and drink and people and celebrities. It’s true, people! All of it is true! It was sort of funny with the food because here is this awesome food and it’s just sitting there for you to take. Bryan went up to Firdous and the chicken kabob was calling to him, “I can just take this?!” the guy said “Yep!” and we were off!

Whenever we saw someone in one of our aprons we tried to get their picture. Everyone was really nice about it, maybe because we were so excited. It was like Christmas every time!

Rodney Wasserstrom and me!

Around one corner, a guy came towards us in his apron and I recognized the Wasserstrom logo and cleaver we had made. “Hey!” I said, “Can I get my picture taken with you? I made that!” He said sure and I had to fix the strap for him and adjust it all to look good and I was pretty much all up in his grill. He asked what I did for a living and I told him Heather and I make housewares and clothing from salvaged fabrics. I asked him what he did and he said he was Rodney Wasserstrom. I know! I about died. DIED! I apologized for adjusting his clothes and luckily, Mary Martineau walked up and stopped me before it got worse. He was super nice and he looks dashing in the apron. (Too bad the pic is a little blurry)

Super-nice Ben Walters of Short North Spices

More food and drink! Bryan said the pulled pork sandwich at North Market Spices was excellent. Let me tell you, those guys are so freaking nice over there. Ben was there and his mom and I think it was his dad or a friend. If someone knows let me know! They were just having a great time.

Tom Griesdorn!

Around another corner, we saw a guy in his WBNS 10tv apron. It was Tom Griesdorn! He’s got a serious job as president and station manager at 10tv.  He was also kind enough to let us get his picture too. Tom’s a big muckity-muck, people,  and he was just hanging out in his apron. This event is awesome!

Patient and kind Limited Brands Gala-goer

This lady from Limited Brands was so nice to us! She waited patiently while we worked out camera glitches and let us take her picture. Her friends were all nice and complimentary over the apron too. Yay!!

Heather, Bethia, me, and Andy Dehus

Bethia Woolf and Andy Dehus of Columbus Food Adventures were there, of course! Bethia pretty much knows everything about food. She was one of Columbus Alive’s People to Watch in 2010. As I was just stalking her online I also learned that she taught at Smith. Smith! I think I got smarter by touching her, I swear to God!

I didn’t get a pic of CMH Gourmand, Jim Ellison, which is unfortunate. He offered some good parenting advice and it’s always fun to talk to him. He’s also a food genius person. I really admire that in others because I possess none of it myself.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I love Columbus Brewing Company Beer. I do I do! I don’t drink a lot. I have one beer per day at 4pm and that’s usually it. Seeing as how I have one per day, it’s got to be a good one. That special beer for me is Columbus Brewing Company’s Pale Ale. Some days it’s the IPA. I could go on and on. Another point to remember is that I know zero about brewing beer. It’s as though it’s magic to me. You put some crazy stuff in a jar and you get beer! Magic! As a fan of Columbus Brewing, making their apron was so awesome! When I say “I’m a fan” of something, it means I’m kind of ape shit focused about it. (If you want to hear a funny little story about how I met them in an airport in Denver, read in the yellowish box functioning as a sidebar below. If you don’t care about that, skip it.) We played around with their logo and came up with this!

Heather, Eric Bean (his signature is on the dang box, people!), and me

Heather has quite an eye for things. (Just last weeked she recognized Greg Lashutka at the North Market shopping) I tend to see mostly just the shiny things. As we were coming out of the Dispatch kitchen, Heather nudged me and whispered “Columbus Brewing! Columbus Brewing!” We got to get our picture taken with Eric and I will talk about it every day. Beth Bean must think I am insane. These people are some of my business heroes! I got to meet them!

At the end of it all, Dave Wible gave us a bouquet of flowers! Dude, I felt like some kind of empowered Cinderella! I was really surprised by this. He was so kind to have worked with us and we really appreciated the opportunity.  Thanks, Dave!

Heather and me at the Apron Gala. I certainly couldn’t do this without her and this awesome town.

Now we’ve got to come up with something supercool for next year! You can see all of our pics over at our facebook page here!


An insiders guide to enjoying the apron gala

This will be my first year attending the North Market Apron Gala! I’m so excited! From what I hear, there’s tons of awesome food and drink and there might still be a ticket or two left for sale! We are were fortunate enough to be involved with this even by making aprons for the host committee and sponsors.

This is the apron we made for Limited Brands

As a newbie to the North Market Apron Gala, I wondered if there were any ways to best enjoy the awesomeness of it all. Luckily, I wondered this aloud and my pal Jordan was nearby and answered, “Totally!” and not in a Valley Girl way. But in a serious way that I knew meant I should pay attention.

Our apron for Ice Miller Legal Counsel. We were hoping “Ice Miller” was some kind of beer distribution thing, but no. Ice Miller Legal Counsel is nice too though!

Here are some questions Jordan was kind enough to answer for me!

How many times have you been to the Apron Gala? (I asked this question to get some insight into whether or not we should take her advice.)  This is my third consecutive year and it’s one of my favorite annual events in Columbus. 

What’s the purpose of the Apron Gala?  The Apron Gala benefits the North Market Development Authority, the non-profit organization that operates and manages the historic North Market.

Should I get there early?  Definitely. I will be there at 6:55 waiting for the doors to open!

What should I wear? Wear whatever you’ll be most comfortable in. This really is an event where you’ll be as comfortable in jeans as you will something fancier. 

Do I have to wear an apron to get in? You don’t have to wear an apron to get in but the best male and female aprons win great prizes and admiration by all and everyone wearing an apron will be entered into a drawing for a special prize. 

Have you seen any celebrities there?  Absolutely! Jeni Britton Bauer was there last year scooping ice cream. I also got to chat with Trish Gentile and Johnny Dornback, owners of the wonderful Basi Italia, and a personal favorite, Randy Malloy, owner of CD101. Not to mention all the fabulous venders and staff at the North Market who are rockstars in their own right.

What’s the size of the crowd like?   The crowd is fairly large, but there’s more than enough food and drinks for everyone. And the patio will be open so it’ll be the perfect place to see and be seen this Saturday with the lovely weather they’re forecasting.

Is the food ample, or should I eat before I go?  Do not eat before you go. In fact, don’t eat all day in preparation for the feast that awaits at the Apron Gala. Each of the 30+ vendors serve an appetizer, main dish, and dessert. I think Miriam Bowers Abbott from The Other Paper described it best when she said, “Essentially, the event is like a giant dream buffet whereby all the North Market vendors serve up nonstop treats for three hours.”

Do you go in with a plan for how to maximize your eating and drinking or are you more of a free-baller?  I’ve been told I sound like Liz Lemon before but yes, I have a plan. Stop 1: The Barrel & Bottle for a cocktail. Stop 2: Curds & Whey. They literally have a tower of cheese (be still my heart). Stop 3: The Fish Guys for fresh oysters. After that I do an hourly lap and eat only the most delectable looking treats, which is hard to do, but you don’t want to fill up your first hour there. You want to maintain to sample as many delicacies as you can over the entire three hours. 

If I have kids and wanted to bring them, is it kid-friendly? (I didn’t want to put her on the spot with this one. She likes kids! But I knew you would want to know! My kids aren’t used to a lot of people being around, since we live in a sweatshop)   I know that both Jeni Britton Bauer and Walker Evans have brought their kids in the past, and they seemed fine with it, but I would suggest finding a sitter if you can. There are a lot of people drinking and mingling, especially as the evening goes on, and I don’t know how much fun that is for a small child.



I’m going to spare you the “sorry i’ve been away so long” part of this.  It’s not like you don’t have stuff to read, right? (Besides, my kid was sick.  She’s just now well enough to be super crabby.  Awesome!)

Me modelling the winning belts for the Crafty Showcase Showdown created by the superb @flamestitch

Midwest Craft Caucus was a complete blast!  There were a ton of crafty Who’s Whos there.  Loads to learn and folks to meet.  I didn’t take any pics because I was making coffee, learning about taking pictures, learning about Pinterest, and shmoozing with the Creme de la Craft.   Seriously, look at the website and see who was there.  You’ll be jealous.  Oh yeah, I did get to emcee the Crafty Showcase Showdown.

The Crafty Showcase Showdown is an event in which people compete on teams of two with crafty challenges.  This like “Get supplies from this pile of crap and make a vest!”  It’s really fun and while they are crafting, I harass them.  I try to find their weak spot and exploit it.  Kidding!  These are usually professional crafters and they know I’m full of it.  Really, I’ve competed many times and lost almost every time.  It’s just about having fun.  I like the idea of crafting being translated into other languages.  Like, now it’s a full-on sport!  I want my kids to letter in Crafting!  That would be something for their college resumes!

Did you also notice that I said “professional crafters”?  That’s right.  It can be a profession.  I just find that very exciting.

And that pic up there  (it’s a good thing i don’t get embarrassed, right? ) was taken by Esther of Torn Angel.  See?  Another reason to love Columbus.  Check out what Esther had to say about the Craft Caucus here…

Up next...ComFest!

Whipping up some wholesome crafty goodness!

Hey everybody!  We just had an AmyD meeting and I’m stoked about the stuff we have on deck!

Coming up soon is Agora! This is a really fun indoor/outdoor event here in Columbus.  This year it’s on May 21, from noon to midnight.  We are whipping some some new skirts and dresses.  Don’t get me wrong, I love making aprons and they will be there too, but it’s skirt weather!  So yeah, we are excited to get some of our goods on your bads.

Next up will be the Midwest Craft Caucus.  This is going to be a supercharged and informative event for crafty people wanting to learn more about the business side of things.  You can find out more here…..  We are one of the sponsors, so go send them some love, ok?

The end of June brings Comfest.  A fantastic summer festival centered around community involvement and presenting what, in scientific terms, is an assload of bands and vendors.  I’m crossing my fingers we make it in!

In July, we head to Chicago for the Beckman’s Handmade trade show.  This was really fun in January and exposed us to a new audience.  Hopefully, they will come back for more to see our expanded housewares line.

Speaking of that, did you know we now make a more masculine sort of apron too?  We call it “The Griller.”  If you hang out around the North Market, you’ll see them on the staff at North Market Spices.  We have also added wine bags (available at House Wine), napkin sets (available at Wholly Craft), and coasters.

We have some other things cooking, but for now, that’s all I can share.  Wait, there’s one more thing, Go Red Wings!

I hope you called your mom on Mother’s Day.

Busy Days in the Sweatshop!

Ready to go!

Yesterday, we shipped out what, in the industry, is called “an assload” of aprons and coffee sleeves to Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton, Ohio.  Tell your friends to check them out!  The lovely Kristin Marks of @cbusmom fame hooked us up.  She’s the official AmyD matchmaker.

Kristin has a way of talking to folks about my stuff that seriously must have some voodoo attached to it.  They listen.  They check it out.  Best business investment I have made to date.  PLUS, she’s super nice and foxy and so now I get to see her more.

We (my fantastic team includes Kara Cronley and Heather Gilbert) are making some great new clothes for you to try on and take home this weekend at Comfest! Hopefully, I’ll be next to Open Heart Art Studio again.  They have so much fun and really helped me last year as I was a Comfest newbie.  Heidi’s dad even went and got change for me in the middle of the day on Saturday!  Really, a saint.

My friends are having a baby too! It’s a banner week.  I almost feel guilty.

See you this weekend at Comfest!

Today’s Action at Whole Foods in Dublin

When I was first approached with the idea of selling AmyD aprons and coffee sleeves at Whole Foods, I thought it would be cool and that it wouldn’t happen.  Today it happened!

When we met and talked about what I do, the team at Whole Foods was really interested in the way I recycle material.  We decided that for Whole Foods, I would make the aprons with reclaimed fabrics.  A bit of a challenge to find and take apart sometimes, but I think it was worth it.  I brought the coffee sleeve to them as a thank-you gift and they decided it would be a great fit in the mix too!

Here is a pic of the rear of the display at Whole Foods and me looking dorky.

This was taken with the iphone, so not the best, bear with me.  Patti, of That Patti, was there taking pictures and I’m sure they will be way better!

The whole experience is pretty surreal for me.  You may be reading this and be a successful entrepreneur and think it’s small potatoes.  To me, it’s the first time since I’ve been doing AmyD that I think, “You know, this might be a viable career choice!”  I might get to make stuff for a living!  The possibility of the possibility is exciting.

My husband has been really great through this whole thing of not sleeping, cleaning, or cooking that I’ve been doing while getting this ready.  Of course, I delayed because I kept thinking the order wasn’t coming.  This is when I should have been preparing, but nah, I wasn’t.

And Kristin, my wonderful friend who helped orchestrate this whole thing has inspired me to try all kinds of new things.  By the way, “helped orchestrate” = put the whole thing together and kept making sure I was on task.  She just thought it was going to happen and it did.

Here is Kristin and I putting together a rack…..

I was really sort of nervous to meet the folks at Whole Foods.  They were so easy to talk to!  They answered questions and let me talk all over myself, as I tend to do when I’m nervous and sleep deprived.  All of them really seem behind the idea and want it to be successful.

This is a whole new audience for me.  I’m unsure and excited and a little freaked out.  It might seem small, but to me it shows a possible option.  That’s huge! Hooray!