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Frozen Pizza Derby

Took a break from preparing for Craftin Outlaws to have the Frozen Pizza Derby. This past weekend was supposed to be Snowmageddon here in Central Ohio, so I thought this would be a fun way to enjoy some family togetherness. Plus, as much as I love wearing aprons, I am not so enthusiastic about cooking. The smart folks at Wild Goose Creative host something called the Pizza Grand Prix. They have people and businesses make fancy pizza and they judge it. I decided to scale this down and call it a “Derby.”

Frozen pizza is not a hit here at our house. And we also can’t agree on a delivery pizza we all like. There are 5 of us, so go figure. Whenever I’m at the grocery I’m tempted by the low prices and tasty looking pictures to I decided to find out once and for all if there was a low-priced frozen alternative to 3 different kinds of delivery for my brood. Also, I decided to try this on the cheap, meaning cheaper brands. The boy is home from school and dang growing men eat a lot!


Starting out, I was pretty sure the Meijer (store) brand one was going to be at the bottom. Girl #1 doesn’t really like cheese (i know!!) and loves a thick crust, so I was pretty sure she’d go with Freschetta. I was hoping to like the Dr. Oetker, because, well IT’S A DOCTOR! Must be healthy!

When I took them out of the boxes the Dr. Oetker looked the most promising. I figured it would have barely any spinach but check it out!


Here they are all cooked


And here…don’t be judging. Yes, that’s a pack of Fun Dip on my kitchen table.


Everyone agreed the sauce on the Freschetta has the taste of frozen pizza sauce. It’s a taste I hope you are familiar with. Not great but not so bad you gag. The Dr. Oetker actually had too much spinach for my liking. Girl #2 said it was her favorite. It tasted like fresh-cooked spinach. Tons of fresh-cooked spinach. The boy and I both liked the DiGiorno. We had the mozzarella and pesto variety with a thin crust. Unfortunately, the thin crust took it out of the running for Girl #1. Mr. AmyD also liked it but added the caveat that the best part was just eating something to prevent dying in the night. Surprisingly, the only one everyone liked was the Meijer one. It tasted the least like frozen pizza sauce. It was also a full-sized pizza. The fancier ones were all smaller.

There you have it! No clear winners except one we can all eat with very little bitching and no one starves to death. That’s really all a mom of three wishes for.