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Make Your Own AmyD Coffee Sleeve


Yo! You guys have been so great to us, we thought we’d make this video tutorial showing you how to make your own AmyD Coffee Sleeve! The pattern is here too. Just print it on regular paper and cut it out. You can also trace your favorite coffee shop’s coffee sleeve, but that always feels weird to me.

When we started making these sometime around 2005 we got several cups and came up with a size that fits them all pretty well. Starbuck’s cups tend to be skinnier but taller than most independent coffee shops cups that I’ve come across. We’ve seriously tried to make the best coffee sleeves for you so we put a lot of thought into crap like this!

You’ll need felt, scissors, and basic sewing skills. We use a machine, but there’s no reason you can’t hand-sew it. Also, we use fake felt that is made from recycled soda bottles. It’s called Eco-fi and we love it. It seems you guys do too! For the applique, we use stiffened felt, but you can embroider something or leave it plain. It’s your coffee sleeve after all!

Let me know if you have any questions!

It also helps to have wretched fingernails and dry hands to really bring it all together.

And you can still buy them from us of course and use the time we spent making it by making sweet sweet love!


Here’s the video!

And right here is your pattern. Just click on it and print it!


We used the awesome app, Shadow Puppet to make our video

Free Shipping through Thursday at my etsy shop!


Trying to freshen my etsy shop!  Through Thursday, 4/9 I’m offering free shipping on anything in my etsy shop.  Take a gander.  You’ll be so cute!

Last minute Valentine?

So, Valentine’s Day is Saturday.  Don’t worry.  I can help you out.    Yes, it’s a silly holiday, with ridiculous expectations attached to it.  But honestly, I love Valentine’s Day!  I do!  It’s fun to let someone know you care.  You don’t have to offer a marriage proposal, but maybe a small token will help.

img_60901 or     img_6083

You can pick them up at the Free Lunch on Thursday for $5!  or go old-school and get them online at my etsy shop or my online version of my real-life shop

easy peasy

It’s THIS friday!

This Friday, 9pm, at Liquid, is the Third DIY fashion show featuring the Ohio Roller Girls!  This year, we have a theme!  It’s Girls on Film.  We will be recreating scenes from your favorite movies.  Also this year, there’s a “we”!  this year’s event is sponsored by Wholly Craft, Lucky 13 hair salon, AmyD (that’s me!) and the Ohio Roller Girls.

Also helping us out at the event, will be the recipients of this year’s raffle, MoveOn.org

Come to Liquid this friday for some free action!  It’s always a good time!  Nothing like seeing some hot girls on roller skates with the latest in DIY fashion.  24 designers, including AmyD, Creatrix Jane, Starfish Design, Alison Rose are being represented.