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Do Whatever You Have to Do in Order to Get to Wholly Craft Today!

Make some calls, arrange or rearrange your schedule. Tonight is the Wholly Craft Midnight Madness Sale! We go yearly and it never disappoints. It’s a party with a chocolate fountain and the HOLIDAY APE. Get your pic taken with Holiday Ape, have some snacks, dance a little and get some awesome handmade goods!





There are giveaways every hour between 8:30 and Midnight!

All night long, there are sales!

  • 30% off DIY Kits and supplies
  • 20% off holiday cards and boxed sets
  • 10% off ornaments and calendars

If that’s not enough, there are rotating sales in your favorite categories!

  • 8pm-9pm: 20% off baby goods, kids toys, plush creatures
  • 9pm-10pm: 20% off handbags, paper goods, art prints, books and zines
  • 10pm-11pm: 20% off bath goods, aprons, kitchen and barware and home decor
  • 11pm-12am: 20% off tshirts, clothing, jewelry and accessories

I’ll see you there with our brood! The streets are finally clear, so it’s going to be a blast!


Heather liked 2012 too!


One night only, you get to choose!

During the holiday season, I get lots of special orders for aprons.  How special orders work for us may differ from what you expect.  We work with salvaged fabrics , so choosing specific colors and things like that, won’t work.

If you request a special order, I’ll send you a reply asking lots of questions.  Things  like…

Who is it for?  What colors do they like?  What colors should we avoid?  What do they do for fun?  Are they sassy?  Serious sassy or funny sassy?  Girly?  Modern?  What do you think of when you think of them?

Then I make an apron with your answers in mind.  We take a picture of it and email it to you.  If you like it, you buy it.

For one night only, you get to choose the specifics!  Monday, December 6th from 7-9, you get to pick your fabric, your applique if you want, whether or not you want a beer pocket, and strap colors.  You get to be the boss of me!  That’s not something I think I’ve ever said.

Also, we’ll have appetizers, wine, and merriment!  Hang out and have fun with us!  You can bring a friend to hang out with you too.  Here are some of the details from Wholly Craft’s blog….

Space is limited to 10 participants. Please call 447-3445 or email whollycraft@yahoo.com to reserve your space (payment is required at time of reservation). One custom apron per reservation, but feel free to bring a friend for fun!

Read the nitty-gritty here….



Oh Wholly Craft, we all love you so much!  Did you know that Wholly Craft turned 5?  Can you believe it?

Trish Dehnbostel took this rad pic of Wholly Craft

Wholly Craft is owned by the wonderful Olivera Bratitch.

Oh look! Don't you love her?

This weekend, Wholly Craft had her 5th birthday party!  If you don’t know Olivia (Olivera), we tease her and call her the Godfather of Columbus Crafting.  She really hates that.  Not in a jokey jokey way, but really hates it.   She could never be a godfather of the Mario Puzo variety.  She’s too nice.  Olivia has nurtured and provided an outlet for the Columbus crafting crowd by running Wholly Craft.  Check out the website, you’ll be glad.

For the birthday celebration, Bird and Flower performed.  I am a Bird and Flower fan.  Whenever I have seen Eve in public, I sort of smile and look away because I feel ABSOLUTELY stupid!  If you haven’t heard Bird and Flower, take a minute and check this out! Live, her voice sounds just like that.  Perfect.

I was lucky enough to have my fashion show that night too.  Here are a few pics taken by Aaron, the trusty sidekick of TsuruBride. (CLICK!  Cool shit!)

Heather! awesome bag by Flamestitch (want!)

I love her expression!

That's right! PANTS!

I'm a dork. I look like I'm saying, "Haaaaaayyyyyyy"

I am really in love with the capes.  There’s something innately fun about wearing a cape.  It sort of takes guts.

Here’s a great pic taken by my girl, Trish Dehnbostel.  I encouraged the models to have fun and I was so happy when they started getting beers from the crowd to drink!  This totally captures the fun

and my awesome hot dude, Bryan

Bryan and me

And did you SEE the bags?  Oh my god!  Renee, of Flamestitch, let us use her awesome bags for the show.  There’s was practically  fight over who got what bag.  Just fantastic.

Trish, me and Renee

And Lucky 13 provided all of the hair and makeup for the Ohio Roller Girls, who were the superb models.  It was like they waved a magic wand.  It took about 1 minute for them to do my hair.  It was truly magic.

If you like any of the new clothes or bags, do stop by Craftin Outlaws on the 16th.  It’s going to be fun!

Busy Days in the Sweatshop!

Ready to go!

Yesterday, we shipped out what, in the industry, is called “an assload” of aprons and coffee sleeves to Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton, Ohio.  Tell your friends to check them out!  The lovely Kristin Marks of @cbusmom fame hooked us up.  She’s the official AmyD matchmaker.

Kristin has a way of talking to folks about my stuff that seriously must have some voodoo attached to it.  They listen.  They check it out.  Best business investment I have made to date.  PLUS, she’s super nice and foxy and so now I get to see her more.

We (my fantastic team includes Kara Cronley and Heather Gilbert) are making some great new clothes for you to try on and take home this weekend at Comfest! Hopefully, I’ll be next to Open Heart Art Studio again.  They have so much fun and really helped me last year as I was a Comfest newbie.  Heidi’s dad even went and got change for me in the middle of the day on Saturday!  Really, a saint.

My friends are having a baby too! It’s a banner week.  I almost feel guilty.

See you this weekend at Comfest!

Matt Bellamy and his awesome tiny pants

In case you didn’t know, I’m a big fan of Muse.  Yes, I’m a fan.  I’m embracing my inner 14-year-old girl, and being a balls-out fan.  Matt Bellamy is the frontman of Muse.  Now, he’s no Mr. AmyD (who is incredibly hot and fantastic), but he’s pretty awesome.  He can sing, play piano and guitar like some kind of freak and is full of bravado that I like in a rock star.

snappy dresser

The man can dress.  His latest forays into shoulder pads aside, I love his clothes!  I’m pretty sick of the “ugly is the new cute” look in rock bands.  I don’t want to see what you look like after a few days of not showering, or changing your clothes.  It’s appreciated when someone makes an effort.

Matt Bellamy wears some tiny pants!  In the video for “Undisclosed Desires” he’s wearing some TINY pants.  I called my friend, Michelle, to chat about this new video.  Like me, she is a 14-year-old girl trapped in the body of a mom.  She has an unabashed love for Muse as well.  Our conversation went something like this,

AmyD: Hey, did you see that new Muse video?

Michelle: OMG!  It was hilarious!  Those glasses were so funny.  They crack me up.

A: I know! He’s so dang cute!

M: He is!  Dear lord!

A: How about those pants!  They are so small!

M:So tiny!  Little pants!

A:I should make you a pair!  You could wear them on your fingers.  They’d be true to size.

And she laughed.  Michelle is good if you are trying to be entertaining.  She laughs like an insane person and holds nothing back.  So she laughed like it was 1978 and I was Steve Martin.

Making these pants put me back into creating-for-fun mode.  Since I usually make things for money, it was really fun to make these tiny pants.   They have a little velcro fly and all-in-all, it was tons of fun.  So Michelle, these are for you.

tiny pants!

action shot!

A few crafty (and not crafty) things for your kids to do without you!

Been thinking about this a lot lately.  I love crafting with my kids.  It’s fun.  It’s a bonding and learning experience.  We get to share creativity.  All of these things are true, but that’s not what this is about.

Sometimes, I may have an unexpected deadline and no sitter.  Or maybe I just don’t want them in my grill all the time.  And yes, I know they should do things without me, and they do.  This is for the times when they don’t really want to and you need them to.

Yeah, I think she's gifted

1. Make a banner or garland! Whatever the season, find an object that you can cut out in paper or felt that is about 6 inches tall.  For instance, we did pumpkins in the fall, hearts near Valentines Day, trees in the summer.  I usually cut about 10 per kid.  Then I put glue  and sequins, glitter, buttons, yarn etc on the table and they decorate them.  (While they are doing this, I sew an apron, or do laundry or sneak into the bathroom and read.)  When they are finished, we use a hole punch and poke holes in the tops of these things, or the sides depending on what it is, and string them together.  Now we have a garland! Hang it above the kitchen table or on the fireplace.  Ta-da!

Making a Christmas Tree Garland

2. Wash potatoes.  Seriously.  They LOVE it.  When my kids were really little, like just barely walking, I would give them one potato and a bowl of water.  They would wash their potato for at least half an hour.  Potatoes are dirty, people!  Now that they are 7 and 5 (the 15 year old isn’t into this one), they take them into the bathroom and wash them in the sinks.  Give them toothbrushes or scrub brushes and let them go to town.  A couple of towels are good too.  It’s fun to play in water, dirty water, and also then at dinner, I have clean potatoes.

3.  Put all the kid-friendly craft supplies on the table and don’t say anything.  This is not a sure thing but usually, if you just start making something they will want to see and join in the fun.  We have a TON of supplies and kits and whatever else.  So I put it all on the table and start making a card.  They will want to be sure you aren’t having fun without them and wander over.  When they get involved, slowly walk away.  I know! If you are judging me right now, you either have a nanny, or have one kid.  This one sometimes backfires.  Not a good one to do in my house when they haven’t slept or are just being jerks.

4.  Window crayons.  If you don’t have these, you should.  They are just crayons that write on the windows and easily wash off.  I am in love with window crayons.  We have a sliding glass door to the patio (slab) and they love it. Which sort of leads to the next one…..

5. Give them a spray bottle of water and two small towels or washcloths.  Two because they will want one to be sort of dry.  If you have any glass doors in your house, this is really great.  Let them spray the water on the window and wipe it off.  Over and over and over and over.  My 7 year old isn’t really into this one any more,  so I have a variation.  She washes the baseboards.  SERIOUSLY!  For her, it’s not an annoying back-breaking chore that you won’t ever get thanked for doing.  It’s a fun thing to do with a spray bottle of water.  And she doesn’t soak the floor because she’s 7.

Those are the ones I think are the easiest.  I didn’t even get into old lipstick and fingernail polish, putting socks on their hands and letting them dust, or putting wet socks on their feet and letting them mop the kitchen (so fun!).

Agora, Washington DC, and Comfest!

Thank you so much to the fantastic folks who stopped by my booth at Agora!  I had a great time!  My booth was right next to Wholly Craft and one over from Umbrella Girl, lucky me :).  I loved the hanging light fixture in Emily’s booth and sharing a beer with Olivia, from Wholly Craft keeps any day on the sunny side.

The Lucky Ladle and RadDog, as always, provided some delicious treats! One of the nicest treats was having Jennie from Pattycake Bakery buy a skirt!  Here she is, looking lovely.

Jennie from Pattycake in her AmyD skirt!

Jennie from Pattycake in her AmyD skirt!

The boy is away on a field trip to Washington, DC.  This is causing lots of sleep deprivation here at the homestead, but I’m sure all is well!

In lighter news, just got accepted to be a vendor at Comfest!  I’m so excited for this opportunity!  It will be my first time vending at Comfest, so if you have any advice or words of encouragement, I’d love to hear it!  For out-of-towners, Comfest is a giant three-day festival here in Columbus.  Click on the link to find out more.  It’s MASSIVE fun!