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Make Your Own AmyD Coffee Sleeve


Yo! You guys have been so great to us, we thought we’d make this video tutorial showing you how to make your own AmyD Coffee Sleeve! The pattern is here too. Just print it on regular paper and cut it out. You can also trace your favorite coffee shop’s coffee sleeve, but that always feels weird to me.

When we started making these sometime around 2005 we got several cups and came up with a size that fits them all pretty well. Starbuck’s cups tend to be skinnier but taller than most independent coffee shops cups that I’ve come across. We’ve seriously tried to make the best coffee sleeves for you so we put a lot of thought into crap like this!

You’ll need felt, scissors, and basic sewing skills. We use a machine, but there’s no reason you can’t hand-sew it. Also, we use fake felt that is made from recycled soda bottles. It’s called Eco-fi and we love it. It seems you guys do too! For the applique, we use stiffened felt, but you can embroider something or leave it plain. It’s your coffee sleeve after all!

Let me know if you have any questions!

It also helps to have wretched fingernails and dry hands to really bring it all together.

And you can still buy them from us of course and use the time we spent making it by making sweet sweet love!


Here’s the video!

And right here is your pattern. Just click on it and print it!


We used the awesome app, Shadow Puppet to make our video

North Market Hat Trick

Did you see the previous post about the awesomeness that is the North Market Apron Gala? If not, click that back there.

We are so excited to tell you guys what’s been going on behind the scenes in Ye Olde Sweatshop since then! Our aprons are going to be sold at the Wasserstrom store at the North Market called “The Source.” They have been great to work with and our aprons should be available there next week. I instantly loved Rodney when I met him and his team at The Source are some of the best people Heather and I have worked with. Direct, friendly, they know what they want and are very supportive. I want them to go steady!

Roxane, the fantastic manager of The Source introduced us to Dareen of Better Earth, another North Market store. (Thank you Roxane!)  Dareen is so dang sweet. My favorite quality is enthusiasm. Dareen is rocking with enthusiasm. She is now carrying our line of coasters made with Eco-fi. Eco-fi is made of shredded soda bottles and feels like felt.


At Comfest, we met Ann Leonard. Ann owns Touch of Earth, the coffee shop in the North Market. Do you know how lucky we are to have met her? Very. She is fantastic of course and is now carrying our line of coffee sleeves made with Eco-fi.


Thank you so much Dave Wible and Mary Martineau. You guys let us be a part of the Apron Gala and look what happened! 


Happy New Year!

We set the clocks ahead and the kids thought it was midnight when it was 10pm.   We watched the ball drop via a video from YouTube!  You’re welcome.

2011 is going to be balls-out spectacular!  We moved the sweatshop to a bigger location to house a bigger sweatshop!  Hooray!  The new intern, Brett, appreciates this.  Listening to us talk garbage in a small room was too much for his “sweet little fellow” ways.  We don’t hold back.

Did you happen to see the results of the baby-making between AmyD and Alison Rose? You can pick one up at Wholly Craft, on our site, or over at Alison Rose

The Ohio Mix-tape Coffee Sleeve

Thank you all so much for the support over this holiday season.  You are greatly appreciated!  You will see how in February.  It’s our anniversary.  Finally, a reason for you to love February.

Do you make resolutions?  I am going to do it this year!  One that I can let you in on is to post tutorials here on the blog.  Send me any requests you might have.  It will be fun!

And for your viewing pleasure, the Ohio flag Beer Pocket Apron.  I love it!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but can’t let the opportunity pass for you to see Wholly Craft’s new website!  Even if you aren’t in Columbus, Ohio, you can shop at Wholly Craft!  Who’s lucky now?



A few notes

First things first, I love that someone found my blog by searching for “tiny pants”

Had a great time at the Indie Inc conference today.  Columbus is so lucky to have a talented group of people so willing to share information.  Meeting Crimson Cup Dude, Greg, was a highlight.  I’ve heard so many great things about Crimson Cup and learned more about them today.  Go check them out!  And getting to hear Liz Lessner talk about her success like she just got some great shoes on sale is always humbling.  The woman is a powerhouse and yet so sweet and open to talking about all of it with us.  the good, bad, and otherwise unruly.

Indie Inc was a conference with informational sessions that were at the very least entertaining and at the most very informative.  I think the tax discussion alone may save me some money.  (let’s hear it for money!)  And seeing old friends and meeting some new ones was worth the price of admission.  (let’s hear it for friends!) Who doesn’t love a conference where, during the break, there’s a vodka tasting?

Kara and I kept saying we needed to get home and get to work on the many topics that inspired us.  Namely, the fact that you are here reading my slightly neglected blog.  Thanks.  I appreciate it!

thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

This week we are filling orders for Dorothy Lane, 3 Boutique, and Wholly Craft.  (let’s hear it for handmade!)  And loads of special orders.  If you live in Wisconsin, there may be an AmyD surprise coming up soon.  For some reason, I get a lot of customers from Wisconsin, but that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah.

who doesn't love a beagle?!

Where is my stuff?

Hello everyone! It’s been very busy here at the AmyD sweatshop.  If you head over to my online shop, you’ll see a dearth of merchandise.  There are a couple aprons and skirts and scarves.  A really cool scarf.  (makes me think of Mr. Poshta Designs, actually)

Ohio apron, pic by That Patti

For you, however, I just made a batch of coffee sleeves and delivered them to Wholly Craft and the kickstart.  And, more aprons!  Delivered some to the kickstart and Wholly Craft.  Olivera, of Wholly Craft, will be at the North Market this weekend with AmyD merchandise and tons of handmade goodness from all over.   Also, you can get the aprons at Whole Foods on Sawmill Rd and coming next week, the Whole Foods on Lane Ave!

If you didn’t know, I have three kids.  Everyone here is sick.  Flu.  Pneumonia.  Random coughy snotty things, so really, you don’t want to see me in person.  really.

Today’s Action at Whole Foods in Dublin

When I was first approached with the idea of selling AmyD aprons and coffee sleeves at Whole Foods, I thought it would be cool and that it wouldn’t happen.  Today it happened!

When we met and talked about what I do, the team at Whole Foods was really interested in the way I recycle material.  We decided that for Whole Foods, I would make the aprons with reclaimed fabrics.  A bit of a challenge to find and take apart sometimes, but I think it was worth it.  I brought the coffee sleeve to them as a thank-you gift and they decided it would be a great fit in the mix too!

Here is a pic of the rear of the display at Whole Foods and me looking dorky.

This was taken with the iphone, so not the best, bear with me.  Patti, of That Patti, was there taking pictures and I’m sure they will be way better!

The whole experience is pretty surreal for me.  You may be reading this and be a successful entrepreneur and think it’s small potatoes.  To me, it’s the first time since I’ve been doing AmyD that I think, “You know, this might be a viable career choice!”  I might get to make stuff for a living!  The possibility of the possibility is exciting.

My husband has been really great through this whole thing of not sleeping, cleaning, or cooking that I’ve been doing while getting this ready.  Of course, I delayed because I kept thinking the order wasn’t coming.  This is when I should have been preparing, but nah, I wasn’t.

And Kristin, my wonderful friend who helped orchestrate this whole thing has inspired me to try all kinds of new things.  By the way, “helped orchestrate” = put the whole thing together and kept making sure I was on task.  She just thought it was going to happen and it did.

Here is Kristin and I putting together a rack…..

I was really sort of nervous to meet the folks at Whole Foods.  They were so easy to talk to!  They answered questions and let me talk all over myself, as I tend to do when I’m nervous and sleep deprived.  All of them really seem behind the idea and want it to be successful.

This is a whole new audience for me.  I’m unsure and excited and a little freaked out.  It might seem small, but to me it shows a possible option.  That’s huge! Hooray!

Free Shipping through Thursday at my etsy shop!


Trying to freshen my etsy shop!  Through Thursday, 4/9 I’m offering free shipping on anything in my etsy shop.  Take a gander.  You’ll be so cute!