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Our first pic in a national magazine!

Look, Mom! August 2011 Better Homes and Gardens

We were so thrilled to have one of our products be part of this photo shoot with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams!  When Jeni called, I squealed.  Literally.  Not one of my proudest moments, but there it is.

That’s our Ice Cream Cozy in Better Homes and Gardens August 2011 issue! We are grateful to Jeni and everyone at Jeni’s for being kind enough to include us.

Jeni’s contacted us last year about making a sleeve for their pint ice-cream containers.  They wanted to include our ice cream sleeves with their Father’s Day ice-cream packages as a gift for their customers.  Everyone likes eating right out of the pint, so we thought it was a great idea!  The sleeves pictured use different fabric but all are lined with fleece so it’s a way to keep your ice-cream cold and your hands warm.  Cute, huh?

(Unfortunately, we weren’t listed in “Where to buy.”  Hopefully, within a couple months you’ll find us listed in the most-read section called “Corrections.” Until then,  you know how to reach us! )


Happy New Year!

We set the clocks ahead and the kids thought it was midnight when it was 10pm.   We watched the ball drop via a video from YouTube!  You’re welcome.

2011 is going to be balls-out spectacular!  We moved the sweatshop to a bigger location to house a bigger sweatshop!  Hooray!  The new intern, Brett, appreciates this.  Listening to us talk garbage in a small room was too much for his “sweet little fellow” ways.  We don’t hold back.

Did you happen to see the results of the baby-making between AmyD and Alison Rose? You can pick one up at Wholly Craft, on our site, or over at Alison Rose

The Ohio Mix-tape Coffee Sleeve

Thank you all so much for the support over this holiday season.  You are greatly appreciated!  You will see how in February.  It’s our anniversary.  Finally, a reason for you to love February.

Do you make resolutions?  I am going to do it this year!  One that I can let you in on is to post tutorials here on the blog.  Send me any requests you might have.  It will be fun!

And for your viewing pleasure, the Ohio flag Beer Pocket Apron.  I love it!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but can’t let the opportunity pass for you to see Wholly Craft’s new website!  Even if you aren’t in Columbus, Ohio, you can shop at Wholly Craft!  Who’s lucky now?



Free Shipping through Thursday at my etsy shop!


Trying to freshen my etsy shop!  Through Thursday, 4/9 I’m offering free shipping on anything in my etsy shop.  Take a gander.  You’ll be so cute!

Stop by My New Shop (right next to the old one)!


Here is the front of the new spot!  211 E. Arcadia, in Clintonville.  I’m working up a sweat in this pic, moving stuff over.  Thank you so much to Lizard and Trish for all the help!  you can see, there are quite a few aprons to get you ready for the Apron Gala at North Market!  It’s not until May, but it’s good to be ready.

The lovely Sharon will be here Saturday from 11-5, so stop by and see the new digs!  There will be a christening party in the beginning of April, so watch here for details.

Thanks to all of you!



Craft Fair Season!

Craft Fair Season is coming! It’s hectic.  It’s exciting.  It’s fun!  This year, there is also the addition of vendors at Agora!  Plus Craftin’ Outlaws, Tiny Canary, Comfest.  Oh!  And Etsy Team Columbus is have the Eco-Chic Craftacular!  So much going on.  We are lucky to have such a wide variety of venues.

Out of town are the Bust Craftacular, the Indie Craft Experience, Bazaar Bizarre, and many others.  I’m considering travelling to another town for a craft fair this year.  Only because I’ve never done that and wonder what it’s like.  Not that I ever need leave our fair city, since we’ve got it all going on!

For your crafty news, check here

Columbus Crafty Cotillion

Oh!  And I can’t let this post go without mentioning this….The Craft Fair Apron

Debbie was kind enough to model it for me.  Her husband just got back from a tour in Kuwait, hence the shirt.  And not the fun kind of tour, but the military kind.  They should stop calling it “tour.”

That’s a whole other post!

Sunshine here we come!

Beer Apron is back!

You may remember the old beer apron.  It was great.  But this is a new era.  The new design has a pocket with a firm pocket-bottom.

I need to know where my beer is when i’m cooking.  Now I do! So can you……


Getting by with a little help from my friends……

There have been some new ideas floating around in my head for over a year now!  Luckily, I have great friends that help out and watch my kids and a new great sewing assistant to help with cutting and sewing the simple things.    Thanks to one of my great friends who offered to watch the little ones today, I was able to finish this….

lined with purple velour!

lined with purple velour!

This capey goodness will be on ye olde site by tomorrow.

almost forgot!  last day for free shipping from AmyD and my etsy page is tomorrow!