Go Big or Go Home

Last night was the Small Business Beanstalk Award Gala at The Bluestone. I’ve not come to tell you about that, alas.* I’m here to talk about the one-man-band Teen Fiction.

The event was lacking a dancing audience. You know, people were all fancy, holding cocktails. No matter, this guy performed like he was at Madison Square Garden and people in the audience were in a frenzy screaming “Teen Fiction!” at the tops of their lungs. They weren’t and there were about 15 people dancing. He jumped off the stage at one point. I was so impressed with the enthusiasm he shared.

How hard was that? How hard is it to give something not knowing if the receiving party wants it? I was thinking that the only way his thing works is if he always gives it like we want it. Holding back even a little would make it awkward and awful.

If you get a chance, go see this guy, even if it’s only for a lesson on the benefit of enthusiasm.

*I changed my mind. Wholly Craft won the award for Best Retail Store. There is no one more deserving than Olivera!


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