I haven’t said too much about this, a little about Tim Knapp.

My brother’s partner, Tim Knapp, died in January. We were all shocked and devastated. Tim was so dearly loved and adored by our whole family. There isn’t anyone who met Tim who didn’t like him. He was so sweet and thoughtful to our children. Our daughter, Indie, especially loved joking around with him. She usually tried to get a spot near Aunt Tim at the table or on the couch because she loved his totally inappropriate sense of humor. Tim always let her think he didn’t get it when she teased him and loved seeing her laugh. Tim’s family has been so kind to us. Damon loves them all and they all have Tim’s sweetness about them. My heart breaks every day for Damon and only hope that he can gain some sense of peace or at least tolerate life without Tim.

Tim and Damon

I haven’t talked about this publicly really because it’s just too hard. I’m sorry if you are hearing about it for the first time here in my blog. The reason I decided to share this with you now is that my brother, Damon, and many friends are putting together a memorial garden for our beloved Tim. He absolutely loved gardening. Loved. He planted flowers anywhere and everywhere.

The following is from a letter my brother sent regarding the garden and how people can help…

I have been working in cooperation with The Friends of the Topiary Park (501 3C nonprofit) designing a significant memorial garden to be installed at the northeast entrance to the park. We plan to dedicate the memorial garden on September 1, 2012. A separate invitation will be sent in the mail at a later date. That being said, the garden needs to be started in April or early May. The memorial garden for Tim will have topiary features and be a significant enhancement to the beauty of the park, which was historically called the Old Deaf School Park. (You can read more about this beautiful place at http://www.topiarygarden.org/) Additionally, some of you may not know that Tim was a writer and poet. He wrote poetry almost every day of our life together and one of his poems will be incorporated into the garden.

Many of you have already sent donations to the park, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to give all of our friends the opportunity to participate in the memorial garden if you so choose. All donations should be made to “Friends of the Topiary Park” in memory of Timothy L. Knapp. We are looking to raise about $10,000 to make this project happen, so whatever you can give – no matter how small – will be most appreciated. Your contributions are tax deductible:

Friends of the Topiary Park
480 E. Town St.
Columbus, OH 43215

I would be more than happy to speak with you in more detail about the design of the garden and answer any questions you may have. As you know, Tim loved gardening. I knew my place well in our home–right behind Lucky, Max and the garden…

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and support you have given Tim in his short life. I thank you for every kind deed, sincere conversation and the precious time you spent in our lives.

With hope,

Damon M. Dalrymple

Damon also gave me permission to include Tim’s poem that will be featured at the park…….

When Two Vines Meet
They do not stop
but begin intermingling…
’till you can’t tell where one begins
or ends. I want to be like that
when my arms are around you
and likewise and with a foundation
to support us growing
for years and years
’til we touch the face
of God together.


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