I remember the farting!

We took the kids to see “Shrek, the Musical” on Tuesday night.  Started at 8pm. On a Tuesday.  A school night.  I emphasize these things because they stayed awake and were interested the whole time and we were very surprised.

Look! It was so great it made them hug on camera!

I won tickets to see it via kidslinked.com and decided that free is free and we shouldn’t pass it up, even on a Tuesday. We are so glad we went, not just because the musical was great. The Ohio Theater is known for it’s Spanish Baroque architecture. Lots of red and gold trim and fancy wallpaper with gold flecks and chandeliers and more and more gold. I told my husband it reminded me of a 70’s movie representation of a fancy brothel. He disagreed. It’s fantastic!

Not like a REAL brothel, but a 70's movie brothel

We are Shrek fans.  We have seen all the movies.  We have Shrek stuffed animals and glassware.  I was thinking the kids wouldn’t like the musical because they like their Shrek delivered in its original form.  It’s like seeing a movie after you read the book.  (Remember Garp? Both book and movie were great, but still.)

They surprised us by loving it!  The humor was a little more sophisticated than the movie.  The actors really had a difficult task and rose to the occasion.  I felt bad for the guy being “Donkey.”  I mean, who wants to follow Eddie Murphy?  He was Ellie’s favorite character in the musical though. Wait!  Except for the big-ass dragon!

They had a big-ass dragon puppet that whirled around the stage and danced and sang. When I say “big-ass” I mean it almost filled the stage.  It was so startling and awesome. It made me think about when Kevin Clash, the guy that is Elmo, said kids don’t notice him when Elmo is around.  The puppet was so fantastic and enormous, the kids didn’t mention the puppeteers.

Lord Farquad was the star for me.  Funny, a bit of a queen, and athletic! My favorite qualities. I want to tell you his back story, which is revealed during the musical, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

The next day after school, I asked them what they remembered the most from the musical.  Ellie (6) said, “There was a lot of action.  They we constantly doing stuff and running and dancing.”  Indie (9) said, “I remember the farting!” So I said, “Well what did you LIKE best?” and she said, “The farting!  There was so much farting!”

If you are a parent who thinks farts are never funny, then you may not like that. I’m a parent who thinks farts are almost always be funny.  I love that Indie has this joyful memory of it.  It was a great way to introduce them to this new avenue to enjoying a story with which they were already familiar. For me, that’s what makes this kind of thing something I want to do.

When you go, pay extra and get good seats.  You’ll be glad.  Let me know if you do, too and tell me what you think.


One response to “I remember the farting!

  1. I’m not a parent, but when I become one, I will be the kind that knows for a fact that farting is hilarious.

    We are already going to see Book of Mormon and Zelda Symphony … Shrek will be here very soon though…and we have a friend with girls Ellie & Indie’s age…hmm…

    Also, hi! *waves*

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