Whipping up some wholesome crafty goodness!

Hey everybody!  We just had an AmyD meeting and I’m stoked about the stuff we have on deck!

Coming up soon is Agora! This is a really fun indoor/outdoor event here in Columbus.  This year it’s on May 21, from noon to midnight.  We are whipping some some new skirts and dresses.  Don’t get me wrong, I love making aprons and they will be there too, but it’s skirt weather!  So yeah, we are excited to get some of our goods on your bads.

Next up will be the Midwest Craft Caucus.  This is going to be a supercharged and informative event for crafty people wanting to learn more about the business side of things.  You can find out more here…..  We are one of the sponsors, so go send them some love, ok?

The end of June brings Comfest.  A fantastic summer festival centered around community involvement and presenting what, in scientific terms, is an assload of bands and vendors.  I’m crossing my fingers we make it in!

In July, we head to Chicago for the Beckman’s Handmade trade show.  This was really fun in January and exposed us to a new audience.  Hopefully, they will come back for more to see our expanded housewares line.

Speaking of that, did you know we now make a more masculine sort of apron too?  We call it “The Griller.”  If you hang out around the North Market, you’ll see them on the staff at North Market Spices.  We have also added wine bags (available at House Wine), napkin sets (available at Wholly Craft), and coasters.

We have some other things cooking, but for now, that’s all I can share.  Wait, there’s one more thing, Go Red Wings!

I hope you called your mom on Mother’s Day.


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