Make this Bunny Centerpiece!

Happy bunny centerpiece

My daughter always wants to make decorations for whatever holiday it may be.  I like to decorate for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthdays.  You know, the biggies.  This youngest of mine is like a tiny, tenacious Martha Stewart.  She’s always on me to decorate and rearrange.  Usually,  I relent.  See “tenacious” above.

So this weekend she said she wanted to decorate for Easter.  I suggested a banner.  Banners are my go-to for instant decorating projects. She’s done with banners.  The magic is gone.  She said she wanted a centerpiece.  (That’s another thing she likes.  She likes the table to be set with the food all set down the middle in a row rather than serving from the stove.  I’m a mom to three.  That’s a pain in the ass.)

When we make a decoration, we always use what we have on hand.  If you are crafty in any way, you’ll have some of these things on hand too!  If not, improvise.  Don’t go running to the store or your kid will think that’s normal.  Then your kid will tell my kid and I can’t have that nonsense.

Also, I didn’t consider this would make a good blog post until about halfway, so the pictures at the beginning are sparse.


Scrap of polar fleece, t- shirt or felt  (we had some left from a scarf project)

Thread or a sewing machine

Stuffing (fluff, whatever you may have.  Cut up old socks!  It’s also fun to pick a stuffed animal everyone hates but has kept out of obligation and tear the stuffing out of it!)


3 plastic cups


You can trace this bunny

We first made the bunnies.  Fold your fleece.  The fold is the bottom of your bunny.  If you want to trace this bunny, just put a piece of paper up to your computer and trace it with a pencil.  Or draw your own.  We aren’t looking for perfection.  It’s about hanging out with your kid.  They don’t care if your bunny’s ears are crooked.

Start sewing on one side, go up around the ears and down the other side.  The nice thing about polar fleece (felt, t-shirt)  is that you don’t have to worry about fraying, so that means you don’t have to worry about turning it inside out.  Leave a hole for your stuffing.

Stuff it!  This is a fun job for the kid.  Use a paintbrush end or pencil to get the stuffing into the ears. My grandma taught me this.  Sew it closed.  This is also a good time to teach basic sewing because it’s a simple stitch around the edge.  Just in and out.  It’s also a great time to show your kid how to hold the thread so it doesn’t slip out of the needle.  An important skill.  My youngest is 6 and finally gets it.

Cut the top off of some plastic cups.  We used three cups leftover from a hotel.  That’s another thing kids love, cups, paper, and pens from hotels.

Gather some leaves.  We picked some up from around our bushes.  Spread glue around the outside of your cups and glue on the leaves.  Overlap your leaves so no cup shows through.  If you don’t have leaves, cut some out of green paper.  If you don’t have green paper, use white paper and color it or go through magazines and cut from the pages with green on them.  DO NOT GO TO THE STORE!

Put your bunny in your cup!

We then put our bunnies in a pie pan and cut some pieces off the bushes and put those in there too.  Then my daughter had some tiny pinch pots she made out of play dough and wanted those in there too.  I’m sure by the end of the week, this pan will be filled with all kinds of stuff.  More is more, right?

It's a bunny party!

We think it’s cute and it was fun and I hope you think it’s fun too!


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