Voting for Kristin is (almost) like voting for yourself!

Kristin and Megan of Stinkybomb Soap in my messy kitchen not judging me for the filth!

You may know my friend, Kristin Marks, is in the running to be “Mom of the Year” over on Columbus Parent.  “Mom of the Year?!” you may be thinking.  I know, I know.  So we all know that’s kind of wacky to say, right?  But listen, Kristin deserves to win because she’s a little bit like you and me. Now, don’t get too excited yet.  She doesn’t yell at her kids as much, and she’s not as big of a slob, and she cooks a little bit more.  So that’s how she ended up here, but let me tell you how she is like us a little bit too.

1. Kristin gets tired sometimes.

2. Kristin gets tired of her kids sometimes even!

3. Kristin will listen to you tell a story of how your dog died in 4th grade and she will cry.  Really hard like she knew you then.

4. Kristin will laugh at you on the phone when you are imitating you husband saying things like, “Is this garlic?  Remember I don’t like garlic!”

5. Kristin will come and get your kid when you feel like ass.

6. Kristin will tell your kids what to do like they are hers.  Only really great friends and mothers can do that.

7. Kristin will go grab a quick beer with you.

8. Kristin will organize an outing with you and your kids and not make you get a babysitter.

9. Kristin will organize and outing with you without your kids and help you get a babysitter.

She has an awesome blog that shows you fun things to do with your kids and inspired me to do the Toy Appliance Derby.

Look, we’ve all been tired moms, and sad moms, and joyous moms, and messy moms, and suddenly-this-house-is-so-messy-it-must-be-cleaned-now moms, and loved our friends to death who have busy lives and kids and juggle it all somehow.  This is a vote for them! For all of us!  Those friends and what I call “normal” moms.

What I mean  by “normal” is that I can be comfortable around her and not feel judged when I fall short of “mom of the year.”  When my house is messy and she sees it, she doesn’t even raise her eyebrows.  She pushes the papers to the side and sits right down.  I think it’s because Kristin knows that we are all “Mom of the Year” some days.

Here’s a nice post she wrote about this whole thing.

She had really helped me out these last few years and I’d like to help her out now.  Go and vote. It’s easy.


7 responses to “Voting for Kristin is (almost) like voting for yourself!

  1. Can I comment on my own blog? i mean, i like this post the way it stands, but I want to say what I mean is, “she’s not perfect, but she’s perfectly awesome.” in a sort of “now this might be attainable” way. I mean, Martha Stewart rocks, but still makes me feel inadequate. Kristin is so nice and funny and normal, that I think, Wow! This is cool!

  2. I agree with #3 and #4 …that’s why I voted for her! :P)

  3. I have to agree. Kristin is pretty awesome at so many things. But was is the most amazing thing, she completely understands when plan fall through because you are needed by others, it’s not the you made plans with me-I’m not your friend now type of crap. And if you were to tell her that she is awesome she has a come back such as, but I’m not a good as you at…….Kristin is amazing!

  4. You were right when you said this would make me cry. More like sob. 🙂 To know someone could possibly think so much of me means more than you know. And, I guess what makes me so happy is that I could say the same about you and many of my other mommy friends. I am surrounded by awesome people who I learn so much from every day. What more could I want?

    Plus AMYD rocks my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh – if I was going to write this about you, I’d add looks great in pink chucks and that you are someone I can totally be myself around. I never get scared you’ll think I’m ridiculous or weird. 🙂 PLUS uber talented. Well, I’d add lots of things.

  5. well shucks. thanks lady. we are behind you!

  6. I voted for Kristin! Yes, I’ve heard the stories….she deserves it.

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