AmyD was boycotted today!

Wow.  This was weird.  There is a dude on Twitter that tweets things about voting with your dollars.  I’m totally behind this kind of consumerism, as you probably know.  This kind of thing can work.

He posted a list of what he considers “Liberal-supporting businesses.”  This list is something else!  It’s not just the usual suspects, like PETA.  It’s businesses like Hallmark, McDonald’s, AT&T.  These are mainstream businesses.  The middle road.  Oh wait, and “Most of Hollywood” is on it and Google!

I thought it was amusing.  I don’t follow this guy, but someone I follow does, which is how I saw it.  So I responded this…

“when I look at this boycott list, it helps me! Now I have list from which to shop. Thanks!Though McDonalds won’t pass my lips”

I thought it was funny.

Alas, Mr. Dude didn’t. 

So I was boycotted!  He tweeted this today…

I was speechless for about half a second.  If you know me, this was an eternity!  So here I am, mom of 3, wife, small business owner, radical.  The funny thing is that I’m super patriotic.  I don’t even mind paying taxes.  Paying taxes is patriotic!  So yeah, there it is.
It’s kind of exciting, really.  I’m going to be making a special apron to commemorate the event.  Watch for it on my site! Not only am I patriotic, I’m also a Capitalist! 🙂
And since my Twitter feed sends you here to my blog, let me give you the link to my site if you feel like checking out my radical sewing skilz….

15 responses to “AmyD was boycotted today!

  1. I’d like to buy a boycotted apron please!

  2. Amy, do be careful throwing words around like small business owner, super patriotic, capitalist!, someone might think you are a republican. lol On the paying taxes thing, we don’t mind paying taxes either, it’s just wasteful spending we’re against. Everybody can’t have everything, it just won’t work. You and I both know what it takes to make a small bus. work, determination and lots of hard work. I commend you on your business and success and my guess is the govt. didn’t give it to you. Way to go girl, wish you a big hit on your new apron.

  3. You know what they say, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” I think this could actually lead to more business. That would be funny. You could give a discount to people if they mention that they learned of madebyamyD from his tweet. :o)

  4. I was thinking about making an apron for myself as an “I’m learning to sew and this wouldn’t be too embarrassing if I screwed it up” project, but I think I will #antiboycott and buy one from you when I get paid 😉

  5. Boycotting local “radical” establishments is so 1994. Giving them twitter exposure is sooooooooo 2011, though! Way to go!

  6. Congratulations Amy! I really think you should send a press release to The Other Paper, Alive or Dispatch. They should jump all over this. Turn your boycott into some bling!

  7. oh, and what is his site?

  8. This is so funny. Made my day. Thanks 🙂

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