Savory French Toast, AmyD Style

If I eat sweet things for breakfast without some sort of protein, it sort of makes me act like a jerk.  So I came up with this recipe to stifle that tendency.  Plus, I don’t like cereal for breakfast.

If it isn’t grocery day, I’m not going to grocery store unless we are out of CBC Pale Ale.  That means I’m the kind of cook that likes to “make do.”  Keep that in mind as you read this recipe.  More of a guide than a recipe, really.


Bread: whatever kind you like.  I usually use French Bread because it’s usually vegan. Some people say use stale bread in French toast because it’s better.  We have 5 people.  Bread doesn’t last long enough to get stale

Milk: by “milk” i mean, whatever you use for milk.  From a cow or from a plant.  whatever.

Seasonings:  I use what I’m in the mood for and what we have.  Rosemary is excellent.  Basil, oregano, garlic.  ooohh yeah baby!

Silken tofu or egg, if you eat eggs. If you are using silken tofu, use about half a brick or less.  I usually use 1/4 for around 4 pieces

Chopped tomatoes.

Cheese: the same here as for the “milk”.  I use Daiya cheese.  It’s the only vegan cheese that doesn’t taste like tires.  It tastes like cheese.  SWEAR TO GOD

We love Daiya cheese. The dog doesn't care.

Olive oil


Get a whisk and mix all the stuff together except for the bread, tomatoes and cheese.

Use a pan of some kind and put olive oil in it.  Just the regular amount you would use for frying something like this.

Dip your bread in the liquid.  Make sure the spices are on the bread and not in the bottom of the bowl.  you can even shake some on while it’s frying.  I usually end up doing this.

Put it in the pan.  Fry it like regular French toast.

As it’s finishing, put on the chopped tomatoes and cheese and cover with a lid.  Do this just until the cheese it starting to get melty.  any longer and your French toast will get soggy.  I happen to like it soggy, but I don’t think most people do.

Eat it and say to the people around you who didn’t want to try it, “OOOHHH this is so good!  I’m sorry I didn’t make any extra though because you said it sounded gross.  Maybe next time, if I remember.”


4 responses to “Savory French Toast, AmyD Style

  1. This is such a fantastic recipe! I can’t eat sweet stuff in the morning either, because it makes me feel like I am a loser who screws my life up all the time.

  2. Good Afternoon,

    We love this photo! I was wondering if I could use it on a Daiya sell sheet?

    If possible can you please email me when you get this msg?



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