A few notes

First things first, I love that someone found my blog by searching for “tiny pants”

Had a great time at the Indie Inc conference today.  Columbus is so lucky to have a talented group of people so willing to share information.  Meeting Crimson Cup Dude, Greg, was a highlight.  I’ve heard so many great things about Crimson Cup and learned more about them today.  Go check them out!  And getting to hear Liz Lessner talk about her success like she just got some great shoes on sale is always humbling.  The woman is a powerhouse and yet so sweet and open to talking about all of it with us.  the good, bad, and otherwise unruly.

Indie Inc was a conference with informational sessions that were at the very least entertaining and at the most very informative.  I think the tax discussion alone may save me some money.  (let’s hear it for money!)  And seeing old friends and meeting some new ones was worth the price of admission.  (let’s hear it for friends!) Who doesn’t love a conference where, during the break, there’s a vodka tasting?

Kara and I kept saying we needed to get home and get to work on the many topics that inspired us.  Namely, the fact that you are here reading my slightly neglected blog.  Thanks.  I appreciate it!

thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

This week we are filling orders for Dorothy Lane, 3 Boutique, and Wholly Craft.  (let’s hear it for handmade!)  And loads of special orders.  If you live in Wisconsin, there may be an AmyD surprise coming up soon.  For some reason, I get a lot of customers from Wisconsin, but that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah.

who doesn't love a beagle?!


One response to “A few notes

  1. Great blog, and I really like your website as well. I think your custom clothing idea is really going to take off. I’m not your target demographic, but I wish you the best of luck.

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