Busy Days in the Sweatshop!

Ready to go!

Yesterday, we shipped out what, in the industry, is called “an assload” of aprons and coffee sleeves to Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton, Ohio.  Tell your friends to check them out!  The lovely Kristin Marks of @cbusmom fame hooked us up.  She’s the official AmyD matchmaker.

Kristin has a way of talking to folks about my stuff that seriously must have some voodoo attached to it.  They listen.  They check it out.  Best business investment I have made to date.  PLUS, she’s super nice and foxy and so now I get to see her more.

We (my fantastic team includes Kara Cronley and Heather Gilbert) are making some great new clothes for you to try on and take home this weekend at Comfest! Hopefully, I’ll be next to Open Heart Art Studio again.  They have so much fun and really helped me last year as I was a Comfest newbie.  Heidi’s dad even went and got change for me in the middle of the day on Saturday!  Really, a saint.

My friends are having a baby too! It’s a banner week.  I almost feel guilty.

See you this weekend at Comfest!


4 responses to “Busy Days in the Sweatshop!

  1. super excited for comfest!! see you there!

  2. oh great! do stop by! we have the portable sofa

  3. Yeah, Kristin rocks it. So do Heather and you. I haven’t met Kara yet but I’m guessing she’s pretty cool too.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Comfest!

    • Yeah, Kara is pretty awesome! She’s younger though so I think Heather and I have frightened her about becoming a mom and wife. We keep trying to tell her having kids doesn’t mean that you will constantly be interrupted while going to the bathroom, have snot wiped on you regularly, and not ever sleep again,. She may not believe us because all of our conversations involve those things.
      and yes! Heard you were helping out at Open Heart! woot!

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