I love the Columbus Crafty Cotillion

Cotillion Logo made by Emily of Umbrella Girl Productions

It’s pretty early here.  One kid off to school and I have to get the other one up in about 15 minutes.  I was just having a cup of coffee and thinking about last night’s Columbus Crafty Cotillion meeting at the Surly Girl Saloon.

The Cotillion is a group of crafters and crafty businesspeople.  We meet once a month and talk about crafty-related things and then also talk about lots and lots of inappropriate things.  Sweet Stella wasn’t there last night, so talk about her love-life was missed.

Renee of Flamestitch taught me how to take better pictures last night.  So there, I learned something. Also, talked about upcoming craft shows.  So I think I can write off that beer on my taxes, right?

When you work at home, you really don’t get to enjoy the chatter from a regular job with other people.  The Cotillion serves this purpose but is better in many ways.  One, if you like beer, it’s there.  Two, you won’t get fired for sexual harassment.  Three, we all like each other.

If one of us is in the paper or something, we always try to mention another Cotillion member too.  Craft shows? We share.  Questions about business and taxes?  The Cotillion is my resource.

We do get crass and uncouth at meetings though.  When I say “we”  i mean that I get crass and the other Cotillion members don’t mind.  When someone once asked if a new person could join our group, it was suggested that they come to a meeting first, because we enjoy that kind of salty talk.

So I’m just sitting here basking in the post-Cotillion meeting glow and I thought you’d enjoy hearing about it.  Looking forward to next month!


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