Cupcake Camp 2010

What fun!  It was Cupcake Camp time here in Columbus!  The third event was held at the North Market and was booked to capacity.

I was a judge in the Vegan Cupcake category.  The offerings were all delicious!  It was so hard to choose.  The other judges in my category were Amy Turn-Sharp of Little Alouette and Jennie Scheinbach of Pattycake Bakery.  Getting to hang out with these two small-business superstars was a real treat.  Plus, they are simply awesome ladies.  Jennie really knows her vegan baking and I learned a lot.

The winner was a deliciously light-tasting Basil-Lemon cupcake.  Sounds weird and at first I wasn’t too jazzed about tasting it, but it was DELISH.

Here is a winner of one of the other categories in her AmyD apron!  She’s so cute and her red hair looks PERFECT with the apron!  Thanks, Mandy for letting me take a pic.

On a sadder note, The Kickstart has closed.  It makes me sad because they are seriously, the nicest people you will have the pleasure of meeting.  I hope they know how much folks loved the place.  I hope they get some sleep!


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