I just want some applause…..

Often on the blog or in interviews or twitter or whatever, I mention my happy life.  I feel guilty sometimes because it’s such a happy life!  Good kids, hot husband, my own business making stuff.  Not a lot bothers me.  I don’t get too ruffled if something goes awry.  USUALLY…so today, here you are, I want to share a little of my day yesterday.  At the end it all ends well, so you’ve got that waiting for you!

Two-hour school delay = two-hour work day delay.

In prepping my apron delivery to Whole Foods, I needed to print some tags.  I keep them in a file on my computer desktop so I can print them when I need them.  We have a whole new shebang here computer-wise, so I spent an hour looking for them in the computer.  Looking for things on a computer is hard for me.  I consider “looking for something” to be walking around, picking stuff up, looking under it, looking elsewhere.  Physical movement I can DO to find something.  Looking for something on a computer is click-click-click-click .  My brain and my nervous system don’t work like that.

No labels.

I try to print the invoice.  New version of Excel on the computer.  Can’t find the print button.  Seriously.  I kept hitting something that saved it as a pdf, and also erased the last invoice.  I did this about 10-15 times.  My husband is in IT, and when he makes a website that has any kind of loading features, he puts a notice for the user that says “Please wait while your files are loading/your computer is working” because he lives with me.  I keep clicking.  Annoying, I know.  I’m a seamstress.

Get delivery done.  Pick up kids.  Open a beer.  Husband home.

Emergency cat visit to vet. (cat is ok,btw) I call vet at 5:50, they say I can bring him in at 6:30.  I make dinner and get it on the table and get the cat in the carrier by 6:27!  Damn straight! (and this wasn’t microwaved either: fried chicken, broccoli, noodles)

I get home from vet at 7:45

Eldest daughter reminds me that tomorrow (which is today) she has to dress up like her favorite book character, Clarice Bean.  She wants the dress to look like this….. or this

We get her measured, dress cut and sewn by 9!  We didn’t have a cardigan, so we cut a long-sleeved t-shirt down the middle and shazaam!  I didn’t have the exact fabric on hand, but we got it done!

Oh, and my foxy husband ran the house while i went to the vet.  Don’t want to skip on passing out the credit.  Oh, AND, he cleaned up the cat mess.  AND, read bedtime stories to the kids.

So thanks!  I feel much better.  It wasn’t really a terrible day.


9 responses to “I just want some applause…..

  1. Awe! That sounds like a PIA, though! 🙂 glad kitty is better.

  2. In awe at the impromptu costume. Holy jumping firecats.

  3. speaking of computers, have you ever considered something like Dropbox? http://www.dropbox.com/ You could have files saved in the specified Dropbox folder on one computer, and it will be available on any computer that has Dropbox installed. for example, you could have a file saved in a Dropbox folder on your home desktop computer, and access the same file on your Macbook, or your iPhone. (of course, all have to be internet connected at one point, so everything can be synced).

    how’s that for some nerd talk? in other news, I think I may be going sledding. like right now.

  4. Cute dress. Clarice Bean’s got nothing on her… Oh, and it sounds like you kicked yesterday in the ass! Good work.

  5. I give you a Standing Ovation!

    I can relate to the computer issues, my hubby is also my IT Guy. Where you totally rock is the running to the vet & whipping up an outfit (very cute by the way.) ON DEMAND.
    The closest I can come is to buying dress pants, shirts, socks & ties an hour before a band concert. (I excel at Speed-Shopping)
    I can totally picture you doing a Scarlet O’Hara and make your own evening dress out of your curtains in less than an hour without breaking a sweat!
    You totally rock! Now take a bow!

    • jeez. thanks, you know, i think it’s just that, as a mom, if everything goes well because you’ve been working hard, it’s not noticeable. It’s only noticeable when it all falls apart!

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