Where is my stuff?

Hello everyone! It’s been very busy here at the AmyD sweatshop.  If you head over to my online shop, you’ll see a dearth of merchandise.  There are a couple aprons and skirts and scarves.  A really cool scarf.  (makes me think of Mr. Poshta Designs, actually)

Ohio apron, pic by That Patti

For you, however, I just made a batch of coffee sleeves and delivered them to Wholly Craft and the kickstart.  And, more aprons!  Delivered some to the kickstart and Wholly Craft.  Olivera, of Wholly Craft, will be at the North Market this weekend with AmyD merchandise and tons of handmade goodness from all over.   Also, you can get the aprons at Whole Foods on Sawmill Rd and coming next week, the Whole Foods on Lane Ave!

If you didn’t know, I have three kids.  Everyone here is sick.  Flu.  Pneumonia.  Random coughy snotty things, so really, you don’t want to see me in person.  really.


One response to “Where is my stuff?

  1. Awwwesome! (sing songy voice) Glad the house of sick is better. 🙂

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