Love those Crafty Michiganders! Lots of pics!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of participating in the Columbus Crafty Cotillion’s craft fair at the Ohio State Fair.  As far as craft fairs go, this was one of the best organized ones I’ve been to.  Parking was great, loads of fantastic volunteers to help load and unload.

The logo that Clinton Reno made was over the top wonderful.  Here it is…

Clinton Reno made this!

Clinton Reno made this!

Also, I saw REUSABLE PAPER TOWELS!  Now, I’m sure we are all using less paper towels than we ever have, right?  We know better, right?  We use only cloth towels in our house, but at times I can barely shut the dang drawer because there are so many.  Well, Lisa Miner has developed a way to help me with this problem!  Check out this pic…

The Un-Paper towels are at the top of the pic.  they are squares of fabric that are cotton on one side and terry cloth on the other.  They have little snaps that hold them together and come rolled up like paper towels!!  Genius!  From an email Lisa sent me, “I use resin snaps and there are 10 towels on a roll. I sell them for $20-25 (depending on the fabric).”

Ok, final review of the craft fair is this, it was well-organized, great vendors, and great creations.  It was at the Ohio State Fair, and in my experience, the best craft fairs are the ones that stand on their own.  Meaning, not a craft fair attached to another event.  Money-wise, it wasn’t so great.  But, I had a good time!

Crissy Gipson, of Indie Biz Chicks, Lish Dorset and Bethany Nixon of Handmade Detroit made the trip down from the Mitten to visit us here at the Crafty Cotillion Handmade Expo!  First off, do click on those links.  Each one of these fine ladies has a website on which you could spend an entire evening!  It was so nice of them to make the drive and we had a great time afterwards.


me, Dilara Casey, Lish Dorset, Olivera Bratich, Bethany Nixon

me, Dilara Casey, Lish Dorset, Olivera Bratich, Bethany Nixon

Crissy was taking the pic, unfortunately, or you could see her sweet ass too!  She is recovering from being gravely ill (read: blood transfusions…plural…for real!) so I was so happy she could even make the trip. Dilara Casey is there in the pic, she is Buckeye Bling.  That’s right….the inventor of the Buckeye Rosary.  Olivia is the owner of  Wholly Craft.  I seriously felt like I was witnessing some kind of spectacular craft summit.  I felt like I was in the scene from the Godfather where they meet in Cuba!

Here is a nifty video documenting part of the fun!  Keep in mind that it was a bazillion degrees and I was sweating like an Easter pig!

We all were so similar, it was instant b0nding and great fun.  I can’t wait to see them again!  I’m crossing my fingers that I get into the Detroit Urban Craft Fair!

On that note, if you’ve stuck it out with me and made it this far, I made it into Craftin Outlaws!  Hooray!  See you there!


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  1. hi thanks for share,i always came to visit ur Blog:)

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