My oldest is sailing for a week in Maine.  Without me.  Without his dad.  He’s with his grandparents.  They are trustworthy and know how uptight I am, so i’m not worried about his safety.  But still.  On a sailboat, in the ocean, “What ever could go wrong?!”  I keep thinking of Jaws.  Orca.  Dead Calm.

We aren’t a sailing type of family.  My people don’t really sail.  We canoe…in the Hocking.  We use “tube” as a verb.    Sailing is like skiing.  It’s a different economical set.

So he’s sailing and I’m worrying.  I hope he doesn’t get sick.  He’s almost 15, so he’s pretty much able to care for himself.  But on a boat in the ocean?   What will he eat? I hope they make him brush his teeth.

Also, now I have to empty the dishwasher.


2 responses to “Maine

  1. Lucky guy! Maine is sooo beautiful!

  2. He will eat freshly caught fish and drink rainwater and make a volleyball his friend.

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