Do jeans have to be uncomfortable to look good?

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that you just love?  I used to.  I used to when it was the 90’s and the saggy ass look of an ill-fitting pair of men’s Levi’s was hot.

Now that it’s 2009, I have one pair of jeans that I wear, and even those aren’t comfortable.  There’s this fun website, called Denim Debutante.  I’ve been reading it and looking at the way different jeans fit.  I hadn’t given it much thought since I wear skirts every day.  But now I’m thinking of stepping back into a nice pair of jeans.  It’s just that now, they have to fit more closely to the body to look remotely fashionable.

Look at this girl’s butt, in photo three.  Seriously?  It looks great, but don’t those jeans look so tight?  Is that what I’m supposed to be going for?  I’m not putting out a rhetorical question here, I’m being sincere.

Are there comfortable, attractive jeans that don’t hurt your crotch after a day of wear?  I don’t want mom jeans either.  I’m just wondering.  If you know of any, do tell!


5 responses to “Do jeans have to be uncomfortable to look good?

  1. My favorite pairs of jeans? Not at all tight. The photos themselves were actually chosen to show how different back pocket designs can help or hurt one’s look.

    And if you ever want help picking out a pair of jeans, I’m here. And I’m glad you read my blog!


    • i DO read the blog! i had no idea there were so many options. I’m jeans-ignorant. i get that about the photos. what i was trying to get across was that the butt of the ones look great, and i am wondering if they need to be tight to look great. (oh and to have a model-butt too!)
      i’ll send you an email about some jeans! thanks!

  2. I’ve got about three pairs of jeans and none of them fit me the way I want them too. The ones that fit in the waist are too tight in the thighs. The ones that fit in thighs and are wide leg are high-waisted ones that I have to wear with long shirts.

    I love jeans so much, but it’s a pain in the ass to find a pair that fit right. A trip to a Levi’s store in NYC might be in my future if I can save up some $$$.

  3. I have tried more expensive jeans, but the ones I like the best are the $15 Wal*mart Faded Glory brand.

    I don’t like wearing skirts too much. I feel too self-conscious.


  4. I’m tired of the baggy jeans look for guys. I can appreciate a nice fitting pair of jeans. Is it too much to ask for a snug ass-fit in men’s jeans? I have 2 pair that I like right now and I had to try on several pairs of jeans to find them. Before this, I’d never tried on jeans before I bought them.

    This topic has inspired me. Let’s all go on a jeans shopping expedition, hurray!

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