A Little of this and that

Damon at the tea party

Damon at the tea party

My brother had a tea party for my girls at his house.  This is him in his fancy hat.  He and his partner, Tim, went all out for this!  They had a blast!  Fancy sandwiches and tea and cookies.

In other shocking news, the intern was here today.   She’s a very nice girl and a great worker.  I had my iphone hooked up and we were sewing and Sinead O’Connor came on.  I asked her if she had heard the song, she said “No.”   It was “emperor’s new clothes.”   Ok, that’s fine.   Maybe she’s heard “Nothing Compares 2 U.”  Nope!  I find the whole thing quite shocking.  She’s never HEARD of Sinead O’Connor!!  How is that possible?  It freaked me out.  I mean, I’m 39, and she’s 18, but STILL!

I’m getting ready for Agora! Pretty excited for this one.  I’ll have new dresses and things for you to see.  It’s on Saturday the 16th at Junctionview Studios.  Click on that link and it will give you all the info.  It’s FREE!

My youngest has started softball and asked a boy in her class to marry her.  She’s 4.  That’s really all I can say about that.

And if you call and i’m distracted, it’s because of THIS TIME WASTER…… I’m not kidding.  I’m obsessed.  My son got to 1000.   It makes me insane!  The highest I’ve gotten is in the 800’s.

Ok, off to sew you a snakeskin pleather apron!



2 responses to “A Little of this and that

  1. Thanks for tweeting about the Indie Biz Chick Conference! That’s some great stuff for free, and in my own home! That’ll be me sitting on the phone on Saturday working in my studio.

  2. That pic rules! And my 13 year old LOVES Sinead, so at least there’s balance in the universe.

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