Yesterday, Melanie Dennis, of Neat Streak came to my house and organized my office area.  This was courtesy of 10tv, remember I told you about it yesterday?

well now here is the AFTER!

after, family desk area

after, family desk area

Melanie asked me lots of questions about our routines and where paper goes once it’s in the house.  We talked about what kinds of things I liked and didn’t like.  It was a really great process.  She wasn’t judgmental at all and really listened to what we needed.  She set up up with something that works with our brains, not necessarily hers.  She was wonderful!

The reporter that came with her, Karina Nova, was so great too.  She played with my daughters the whole time Melanie and I worked!  It was like, two hours!  The girls really loved it.  And of course, Karina was so glamorous to them.  They talked about her later that night.  It was very sweet!

So thank you Cara10tv!


4 responses to “AFTER!

  1. potagergardengirl

    that’s awesome! Wow what a treat.

  2. AWESOME!!!

  3. very nice!

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