The “Before” of “Before and After”

family desk area "Before"

family desk area "Before"

A couple of days ago, on Twitter, Cara10tv posted something about needing a person willing to have their place organized for a segment they were doing.  Having three kids, two pets, and a small business, I need it!  So I responded and they are coming this morning!  The professional organizer, Neat Streak,  is going to focus on one area and help me get it organized.  Isn’t that great?!

So there is the “Before” picture.   Later today, hopefully, I will have a great “After” picture!  My kids are disappointed they won’t get to wear blindfolds and have a “big reveal.”


One response to “The “Before” of “Before and After”

  1. I saw Melanie today. She is awesome isn’t she? I am glad she did such a great job for you.
    I am anxious to look at your aprons.

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