All Hail Wholly Craft

Front of Wholly Craft

Front of Wholly Craft

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how Wholly Craft has changed our Columbus crafting landscape.  Olivera Bratitch is the proprietess of Wholly Craft.  If you already know her, you already love her.  If not, you will.  Wholly Craft opened at a time when we, local crafters, were just sending out feelers and telepathic signals to each other to see if anyone else was there.  The store has become a hub for all of us.

Wholly Craft sells only handmade goods.  Everything from a potholder silkscreened with the words, “This shit’s nasty!”  to wonderful underpants and t-shirts!  Anytime I am looking for a gift, I go to Wholly Craft.  There are housewares, like mugs, plates, aprons and anything you can imagine for a housewarming gift.  There is jewelry you can give to your friends and also to your mother-in-law!

Olivia also has rock shows in her shop and loads of craft classes.  The classes are affordable and you get to take something cool home to prove you were there!

Olivia works nonstop to promote local handmade goods and crafters.  She is a great source of ideas and input on style, pricing, business advice and boyfriend gossip. (I’m looking at you, Sweet Stella)

The Wholly Craft website has a ton of information!  The design is wonderful and created locally too!  Anne Holman is the fancy pants creator of it.  There’s even a pic of Jenny Hart giving a chat at the old Wholly Craft location. (scroll along the pics at the bottom of the first page)

So shop local! All Hail Wholly Craft!


2 responses to “All Hail Wholly Craft

  1. i heart wholly craft. not only is olivia a total sweetheart all the handmade goodies in the store are awesome!

  2. yes- she is lovely` i need to call her this week! WC rocks! so do you.

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