Craft Fair Season!

Craft Fair Season is coming! It’s hectic.  It’s exciting.  It’s fun!  This year, there is also the addition of vendors at Agora!  Plus Craftin’ Outlaws, Tiny Canary, Comfest.  Oh!  And Etsy Team Columbus is have the Eco-Chic Craftacular!  So much going on.  We are lucky to have such a wide variety of venues.

Out of town are the Bust Craftacular, the Indie Craft Experience, Bazaar Bizarre, and many others.  I’m considering travelling to another town for a craft fair this year.  Only because I’ve never done that and wonder what it’s like.  Not that I ever need leave our fair city, since we’ve got it all going on!

For your crafty news, check here

Columbus Crafty Cotillion

Oh!  And I can’t let this post go without mentioning this….The Craft Fair Apron

Debbie was kind enough to model it for me.  Her husband just got back from a tour in Kuwait, hence the shirt.  And not the fun kind of tour, but the military kind.  They should stop calling it “tour.”

That’s a whole other post!

Sunshine here we come!


2 responses to “Craft Fair Season!

  1. Hey Amy-
    We haven’t met yet but heard lots of great stuff about you thru mother artists at work. Don’t forget there’s also my little craft show at Liberty Elementary school on Saturday March 28th 10-3. Hope you can make it! I’m psyched spring is starting with lots of shows to come.

  2. Another cool craft show coming up is the CTA Craftstravaganza at Columbus Torah Academy on April 26!

    Check out all the info here:

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