CRAZY week

Can’t wait to get to the shop tomorrow and hang out and get some normalcy!  Lately, it has been sick kids.  but Sunday it was a sick dad.  The old man had his 4th heart attack.  I shit you not.  Ten years ago, he had a triple bypass and one may think it would have given him some sense as to diet and excercise.  In his case, it looks like the 4th time may be the charm.  Let’s hope.

What I need from you, if you have it to offer, are recipes!  He needs to learn to cook in a healthy way that doesn’t feel like punishment.  He’s an old fart who is set in his ways, so keep that in mind.  I need heart-healthy and diabetic friendly.  Tough order, I know.

On another note, you may have seen my tutorial on Columbus Underground.  Let me know if there are any little crafty projects you would like to see laid out for you and I will get to it.

Thanks everybody!


6 responses to “CRAZY week

  1. I can relate to your situation with your dad. My dad had a heart attack 2 years ago after years of a very unhealthy diet & lifestyle and is now on a heart healthy diabetic diet. i will email my mom and see if she has any good recipes your dad might like.

  2. thank you so much! that’s so nice to do. That’s a beautiful cow there. aren’t they so sweet? not like pigs. pigs will eat you in a second. ha!

  3. Weird, wordpress seems to have eaten my comment from yesterday … anyway, what I said was basically this: Both my dad and stepmom have had heart attacks (hers actually happened while watching the Super Bowl this year, another argument against televised sports!), so I know how scary that can be.

    Anyway, I am loving the book “Earth Matters” by NY Times food writer Mark Bittman. It’s super-healthy and, just as importantly, super-delish. Most of the receipes are vegetarian (he recommends people eat 80 percent vegan, but can also incorporate some meat/animal products), and are based around whole foods. The idea is that it’s stuff that’s both good for you, for the environment and betters the living conditions of animals in the meat industry.

  4. Oh, and I should have said — NY Times has a lot of his recipes online (he also has a blog for paper, its called “Bitten), and while not all of ’em are super-duper health-conscious, a good proportion of ’em are, especially the more recent ones.

  5. oh thank you so much! i will surely go look online right now.xxoxoxo

  6. Man, I am stupid today–sorry for the triple-posting. Book is called “Food Matters.”

    I think it’s time for me to go home. Too much work = me dumb.

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