Spelling Bee

Tonight is the district spelling bee. We are hoping for a three-peat! please cross your fingers for my boy. This is his last year to compete, since he’s in 8th grade.

Nothing more here in the AmyD sweatshop, just holding the youngest all day, she has a little fever. Nothing a whole day of watching Zaboomafoo can’t fix. Those Kratt brothers are kind of cute….


3 responses to “Spelling Bee

  1. Dude, I totally have a thing for the Kratt brothers!!! Good luck to the oldest!!!

  2. I used to crush on the Kratt brothers a little, but not as much as Steve from Blues Clues.

  3. Amy,

    remember me…oldy punkymomma friend?

    anyhoo, just wanted to chat with you. Perhaps I can stop into your store. I have some questions about sewing.
    I hope you’re good. i was thinking about how much older your babes must be now.
    at any rate…

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