Linky linky

Did you watch the inauguration? Wasn’t it wonderful?  Every time I think about it, I swoon!  The dresses the First Lady wore were fantastic!  Can’t wait to see what happens!

I wasn’t able to be in the shop last week and i miss it!  So I’ll be in there tomorrow from 10-3.  Hopefully, you will be able to swing by and say hello!  Jonathon, from Rain Brothers, is there from 9-11.

This week was a little hectic on the family side of things.  Just a lot of sickliness that happens when you have kids, you know?  And if anyone has a secret on getting your kids to sleep through the night, I’m dying to hear it.  If there was only one, I think I could handle it.  But with three, I don’t want one to cry and wake up the others.  We’ve tried co-sleeping, but my kids only want to sleep in their own beds.  Turds.  I do adore them, even their turdly ways.

The fire in Grandview recently took out some businesses, so maybe you would consider helping them out and going to this shindig.  Ryan is great at throwing a lively group together.  While you’re there at his blog, check out the other entries.  I just love Ryan.

Oh!  This reminds me of this blog I found today!  Crafting a Green World.  That link will take you to the article on getting your craft room organized.  I can look at things like that all day, but can’t seem to get my sewing room straight!  I got that link from the Craftypod.    I love Sister Diane, but you already knew that!

See you tomorrow!



One response to “Linky linky

  1. If I had a car I would come see you!

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