A Men’s Shirt!

I often get asked to make men’s clothes.  Making women’s clothes is something I do because I’m never happy with the stuff that’s out there, so I figure maybe someone else would need these kinds of clothes too.  So making men’s clothes really hasn’t occured to me in an organic way.

Everything on my site is a version of something I have made for myself because everything else was lacking in some way for the moment I needed it.  make sense?  I’m starting on reconstructing men’s shirts now.  I’m working on one from scratch, and have been for some time.  Until that’s ready, i’m doing this…

My husband did everything he could think of to get out of this fancy photo shoot, but in the end, he gave in and helped me out.  Now, THAT is a giant windmill.  I think it’s too much for some, but that’s how I usually like it!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Free shipping until 1/6 at AmyD and my Etsy page!


One response to “A Men’s Shirt!

  1. Oh, you know me likey the windmills.

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