Smarty Britches

My son had to write a poem for his history class…….

The Bill of Which the Rights Are

Tennessee Sundermeyer

The Colonists were angry with their rulers the Brits

They passed taxes, so around more money they could get their filthy mitts*

Eventually it led into a great war,

In which many families, into pieces were tore.

Till the colonists won, they were really quite brave!

And from a meeting of people, laws they were gave!

But these laws were not good, not a whole lot.

Even after a great war they had fought

They still had to do the hardest thing of all,

That is, they had to give their laws a look of one who is revisionall.

Yet this new constitution, it failed, it gave people many plights.

Till along came this new thing, ten things, this Bill of Rights!

Oh how I adore the first amendment, so wonderful and kind!

You can say, believe, and publish what you want, even about mice that are blind.

The second amendment’s just as good, it’s the right to bear arms.

Those bruisy, boomy, bashy, bangy, hurty things—though they cause many harms.

The third item, oh, quite the important one.

It keeps troops from living in your house, and ruining your fun.

Amendment number four is not unnecessary fluff!

It keeps policemen from barging in and stealing your stuff.

Mr. Amendment five, made for courtroom time,

Keeps you from being sued twice, for the exact same crime.

Amendment six, as important as them all,

Gives you promise of a speedy trial—In no time at all!

Amendment seven deals with the green

Juries need only come if it’s over more than twenty dollars… een?

Amendment number 8 deals with court if you lose.

You’ll be fittingly punished, with minimum “Boo-Hoo”s.

Number 9(not the Beatles) is a fair resolution.

Your rights aren’t limited to those in the constitution.

The 10th Amendment, last one of all,

Protects the people and states from a government more powerful than all.

So now, my friend, you see

How the Bill helps me

Because, you know,

This is 1692!

No laws helping a girly like you!


4 responses to “Smarty Britches

  1. He got your brains Ma!

  2. Re: “trish // December 5, 2008 at 3:29 am

    He got your brains Ma!”



  3. LOL!

    You said assonance.

  4. My favorite is where he rhymes “Green” with “..een”. Now that’s constitutional!

    Nicely done T!

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