The Sluttle

Last night, I went to the Black Market fashion show!  More on that later. It was awesome and a blast, but this isn’t about that.

My companions were Olivia from Wholly Craft and Emily Kitturah-Westenhouser from Umbrella Girl Productions.  As we were leaving, a van from Sloopy’s pulled up.  They have a shuttle!  (In case you aren’t familiar, Sloopy’s is a bar)  So Emily said, “They have a sluttle???”  Was it an accident?  I don’t know, but I like it.  Let’s put that into the vernacular.

The Sluttle


3 responses to “The Sluttle

  1. A worthy addition, sluttle.

    How was the Black Market show?

    I like your Pattycake banner. Saw it at Tiny Canary, didn’t realize it was yours (also never got that those were trees before; always just assumed it was dough).

    P.S. Got a local shop who’s interested in some coffee sleeves — I’ll get in touch tomorrow.

  2. thanks man! you’re always looking out for me! black market show was so fun! i will tell you more tomorrow!

  3. I enjoy the sluttle. The next time I am in Chicago, I will swipe that term and turn it into the slut-el (get it? for the el train???) ha ha ha

    okay, okay, so it wasn’t that funny.

    speaking of Chicago, I met Olivia of Wholly Craft there and thought she was really nice. I bet you guys had a great time at the black market.

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