It’s THIS friday!

This Friday, 9pm, at Liquid, is the Third DIY fashion show featuring the Ohio Roller Girls!  This year, we have a theme!  It’s Girls on Film.  We will be recreating scenes from your favorite movies.  Also this year, there’s a “we”!  this year’s event is sponsored by Wholly Craft, Lucky 13 hair salon, AmyD (that’s me!) and the Ohio Roller Girls.

Also helping us out at the event, will be the recipients of this year’s raffle,

Come to Liquid this friday for some free action!  It’s always a good time!  Nothing like seeing some hot girls on roller skates with the latest in DIY fashion.  24 designers, including AmyD, Creatrix Jane, Starfish Design, Alison Rose are being represented.



One response to “It’s THIS friday!

  1. Did you get a bunch of “Fashion Bitches” registered to vote? I hope that you did. Wish I could’ve come…

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