211 E. Arcadia

Made by Pattycake, from Ryan

Made by Pattycake, from Ryan

Had my first shop hours!  It was so nice of everyone to stop by!  Ryan, of Brilliant, brought this fancy pants mini-cake from Pattycake.  It tasted as good as it looks!

First customer!

First customer!

After some technical difficulties, Ryan was my first official customer!  He also brought his awesome wife, who is the cutest EVER!  You can see, I’m very excited about it!


The lovely Trish Dehnbostel took these photos!  She is opening a photography studio right next door called, Look At Me Photography.  Also, The Rain Brothers, are moving to a different space.  They are getting so big they need a giant place!  As much as I hate for them to leave, I’m very excited for them.  They are such nice people.

Kim Molitor, of Warped and Twisted will be sharing my space with me!  She will also teach spinning among other things.  She’s awesome!

I’ll be in the shop Friday from 12-3, so stop by if you are in the neighborhood!


8 responses to “211 E. Arcadia

  1. you are adorable.
    I’m sorry I missed the big day.
    One day I’ll get the car on a Friday and stop by.
    congrats lady!

  2. This Friday? The 8th? I’ll stop by. I want to check it out!

    Mmm… Pattycake.

  3. Hey, I was just ogling the hummingbird skirt on your site. Do you have shoes to match every skirt you make? How do you do that? Spray paint? 😛

  4. i own three pairs of shoes! black, pink and red

  5. Hey Girlfriend!! No buyers remorse here! I wore my new shirt yesterday and heard several times how cute I looked – (wink.) I’m going to have to venture into the shop and get me one of those long straight skirts. I love those. You make me want to dress like a girl again because #1. they don’t suck and #2. I can wear a small – yay!

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