Cars and the Stars

There must have been some strangeness going on in the universe today regarding vehicles.  This morning, my friend, Lori, called and said she was driving with her daughter and her car broke down.  When her dad came to pick her up and take her home, his car died in her driveway.

Later today, I went to a birthday party in Lancaster.  Driving home, we got a flat.  Totally flat.  I don’t know why I didn’t just get out and change the damn thing, but I called AAA.   Having three hot and tired kids in the car may have something to do with it.  They came in about half and hour and we were on our way!

When I got home,  I got a call from my friend, Holly, who was at the same birthday party and her story really wins today.  She was driving home to Stow, and a car heading in the opposite direction hit the concrete barrier.  The windshield flew off and hit Holly’s car!  Dang!

So I hope you were safe today and your car disturbances were as mild as mine.


2 responses to “Cars and the Stars

  1. Woah. I didn’t have any car issues, but I did get a flat on my bike. Dang.

  2. dude! we brought izzy home with us, so thank GOD we didn’t have any bs to deal with. I was sad to see her leave today 😦

    Great to see you at the party. You looked so effin’ cute, makes me want to get some pink converse and a short haircut.

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