The Quilt

When my brother and his partner moved in together, they had HUNDREDS    of ties between the two of them.  I’ve been using ties in crafts for some time.  So when Tim asked if I wanted some, I thought it was great!  My brother then said, “Will you make us a quilt out of them? Seriously!  I will give you all these ties if you make a quilt and you can keep the rest”

I thought, “How hard can it be?”  I had made skirts with ties before.  I even remember a Sassy magazine article on how to make ties into a skirt from 1999 or so.  I just sew some ties together end to end and I get a quilt, right?

After two years, this bitch of a quilt is finally finished.  This says something about pain-in-the-ass factor of sewing a king-sized quilt made of ties and more about what a procrastinator I am.

I sewed the first panel on a machine.  After that, it became too heavy.  So I sewed smaller panels on the machine and then sewed the panels together by hand.  The quilt became a larger-than-life giant albatross.  I constantly nagged myself internally about not finishing the quilt.  Thereby, paralyzing myself into being unable to finish the quilt.

The quilt became a symbol of all the unfinished things I had started with such enthusiasm.  Friends always asked, “How’s the quilt coming along?”  Some even more boldly asked, “So did your brother love the quilt?”

Finally, the quilt is finished and on their lovely bed.  I think it must weigh a ton.  These aren’t big men, so I can imagine that they are pinned nightly under the weight of it!  Poor guys.  But now they have to cherish it and always stay together.  I refuse to let either one have it for themselves.

Here it is, on the bed.  My friend, Trish, who is an excellent photographer took this photo.


12 responses to “The Quilt

  1. Congratulations on finally getting it done! The only thing my sister has ever done for me is give me attitude. (Just kidding)

  2. yay! wanna finish mine for me now?

  3. Amy this is a piece of art! it’s awesome…

  4. Holy cravats! Now you can always say, “Hey, I finished the tie quilt!” when you start something new.

  5. you know, i never thought of that! thank you!

  6. Awesome. It’s awesome.

  7. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen…really. I want…3!

  8. Holy Moly – that is AMAZING. I never thought much about the weight of a necktie quilt, but your image of them being pinned under it made me crack up. It’s absolutely lovely – that fanned-out pattern of the ties is stunning.

  9. lisa lorraine

    wow! I can’t even believe it! It looks amazing!

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