Friday Night Hootenany!

Has it been a long while since you’ve been to Uptown Westerville? From 6-9pm, this Friday you can enjoy a nice night walking in Uptown Westerville and visiting all the local shops. Merchants stay open later and the weather is going to be perfect. There are also vendors set up craft-fair style in the streets! I met some super-cool people last month and I’m sure this month will bear the same.New shop ad!


2 responses to “Friday Night Hootenany!

  1. I went by your shop yesterday! CUUUUTE STUFF!

  2. First off…is this thing really a Hootenany? Either way, that’s a great picture/skirt. Is that yr new card? I hope it has your website on it… I love yr new shop in Java Central, but I am ever the virtual shopper. If I can’t make it to Westerville, I’ll see you at the big Cyber-space Hootenany in the sky!

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