Pretty, pretty lunch

I was lucky enough to share my lunchtime with Michelle of Pizza Primo and Ryan of Brilliant. First of all, Ryan is fun to spend time with because there’s always something interesting on his mind.

Michelle, as you can see is lovely. You can even tell by looking how dang nice she is. Ryan’s not too shabby either.

The pizza at Pizza Primo kicks ass. I haven’t had a pleasant vegan pizza experience until now. They serve regular pizza, but they also have a vegan pizza. It has ALMONDS! Oh dear lord, it’s delicious. Plus, it’s cheap. Great ingredients at a steal! Here’s a picture of my pizza…..

Dear lord.

So go to Pizza Primo and tell them I sent you!


4 responses to “Pretty, pretty lunch

  1. Next time I’m down, I’ll make sure to check it out. I’ve never had vegan pizza.

  2. I’ll have to see if we can get that in Clintonville!

  3. Wow…I was bored at work and googled a bunch of names of people I used to work with…and there’s a picture of Michelle!

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