My favorite flower

Dandy LionsDandy Lions

My daughters picked these. Dandelions are, by far, my favorite flower! I love their defiance. They smell great. They are delicious when properly prepared.

Every bloom has dozens of “official” flowers in it. Meaning dozens of individual flower parts. And they are so dang pretty. Tons of potassium in Dandelion root to boot. And great for your liver.


2 responses to “My favorite flower

  1. I love dandelions, too. I feel a little guilty for paying the organic lawn guy to spread corn gluten to prevent their little babies from sprouting. But we spay and neuter dogs and cats, so I guess it’s okay. We still have some, anyway. Our lawn is just not an entire carpet of yellow, as it was a couple of years ago. It sure was purty.

  2. oh i know! what is it with dudes and their lawns? we only have the dandelions in the back yard. jeez.

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