It’s a shop!

Ok, I’m no writer, but here are the details for you!  I’m opening a shop!  Yippee!  Everyone jump up and down for me, Ok?

This is a little shop inside Java Central in uptown Westerville.  Java Central is a family-owned coffee shop and the owners are super-cool and nice.  Once we met, I felt we HAD to work together.  All of their coffee is fair trade and mostly organic.  Let me tell you, I had the peppermint soy mocha and that was all I needed to know.

AmyD at Java Central will sell nifty clothes and accessories by me, AmyD,  and also some cool things from other designers, handpicked by me as well!  Olivia, at Wholly Craft, has been a wonderful help on ideas and a great cheerleader for me!  You will always be able to buy AmyD stuff at Wholly Craft too!

A slow moving in will begin on March 31st and on April 5th, I’ll be there most of the day to meet and greet!  So please stop by and say hello!   You know I love giving things away, so get there early and see what happens!  I’ll be there starting at 9 am.  Located at 20 S. State St in uptown Westerville.


8 responses to “It’s a shop!

  1. Far freakin’ OUT!!! I’ll stop by for sure during my kid’s art lesson in that neck of the woods as soon as you open!!!

  2. how come i didnt know u had a blog? god knows i looked for it, when are we doing that project together? eh? as if im not busy enough, i really want to do something though i will make time! nice work with the westerville shop thing, ill have to stop in some time when i feel like going to the dry capital of the earth..ha, i know u can drink there now…jeesh.

  3. GRATZ! Cigars all around! Pink ones, of course.

  4. Amy! This is amazing! I can’t wait to come visit!

  5. you are beyond cool!

  6. Good luck! I stop in there from time to time because my mom’s accounting office is on the other side of the block. I’ll check ya out. Congrats.

  7. Congratulations!!! Someday I hope to do what you’re doing–that is sooo excellent!

  8. you are soooo sexy… and smart!
    Honestly, what a great idea. Your blog and your shop (been there) are the tops. You make awesome clothes. Keep on rockin’ in the free world, AmyD!!!!

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