Funny business with the trees…….

If you spend any amount of time with me, you’ll realize I only drink coffee, water and beer. If there’s nothing else, I’ll try other drinks, but the only things I enjoy drinking are coffee, water and beer.

My friends, Lizard and Michelle, bought me the BEST coffee mug ever. It has a picture of JD Salinger and a quote from Perfect Day for Bananafish. This post is about the sadness that transpired this morning. I BROKE THE MUG. That’s right. There have been times, since owning the mug, that it was nearly broken. This morning, as I was making waffles, I knocked it off the counter.

Luckily, my super-cute husband, is a handy dude and knows how important this mug is to me. I asked where the super glue was and he said, “Just wait until I get home. This is a special job.” Funny, because I think I am capable of gluing a handle together. But I thought that was pretty nice.

img_4652.jpg img_4653.jpg


2 responses to “Funny business with the trees…….

  1. That’s funny. Actually there are many days when I go to bed and realize that I forgot to drink water that day and drank only coffee and beer, but I figure both are brewed with water so I’m cool. Love the mug!

  2. This still makes me cry.

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