AmyD Shirtjackets at Encircle, Westerville!

If you are in Westerville, stop in to Encircle.  There is a housewares store and a clothing/accessories store.  Both are owned by Amy Heath, and feature handmade and are around 97% goods made in USA!  Encircle has decided to carry some AmyD!  I’m very excited, so stop in there and show some love!  You’ll find these nifty lightweight shirtjackets and everyone’s favorite….the AmyD coffee sleeve!

Encircle is located at 30 and 34 N. State Street in uptown Westerville.

AmyD shirtjackets


2 responses to “AmyD Shirtjackets at Encircle, Westerville!

  1. I love these jackets!

  2. These are no longer at Encircle. Amy Heath, the awesome owner there, and I decided it wouldn’t really work because my new shop if very close to Encircle. So the jackets are now at my Java Central location. But do keep shopping at Encircle, they are great there and have wonderful stuff!

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