Coffee Sleeves back at Yeah, Me Too

After the birthday shenanigans in the months of December and January, it’s time to get some coffee sleeves back in Yeah, Me Too. If you haven’t been there, it’s a great coffee shop up near Studio 35. Between Weber and Studio 35. I like it because I’m a coffee fan and they have good coffee. So everyone’s happy.

This week should be fun as we are having dinner guests. Honest-to-God dinner guests! And these aren’t ones invited out of obligation or that are related to us. Actual friends are coming to our house and they are going to eat and we are going to have beer. I’m so excited! (Ryan, if you guys cancel, I’m kicking your ass.)

Spelling bee is Tuesday night, so everyone cross your fingers for my boy.

Tennessee and I started volunteering at the Humane Society up here and I have fallen in love. She’s 9, and her name is MayBell. *sigh* She’s a Beagle and she doesn’t smell. I swear. I smelled her, expecting to smell the terrible hairy smell that only a beagle-lover can enjoy, and she didn’t stink. They must perfume her.

New Coffee Sleeves


One response to “Coffee Sleeves back at Yeah, Me Too

  1. shoot. spaghetti night? wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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